Chris Sansone

Chris Sansone

Chris has a doctoral degree in human and organization systems from Fielding Graduate University and holds certifications in coaching, organizational assessments, change management, and individual psychological profiles including the MBTI. He is also a published author on leadership and ethnic identity development.

“I am privileged to serve and see others open up to who they truly are. What a remarkable experience it is to see students reach in and find that their answers to living fully and authentically are right there inside.”

As for his own Process experience, “I unearthed two gifts – knowing that my own happiness really is a personal choice, plus deep forgiveness for both my parents and, of course, myself. These have opened me to loving and living in ways I had only imagined possible.”

Chris is blessed with his two sons Kellen and Andrew, step-daughter Carina, and fiancé, Maria. He lives in Boulder, Colorado, where he enjoys the outdoors, especially fly fishing.

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