Sudas Buckley

Sudas Buckley

Sudas holds a B.A. in early education, and an M.S. in education. She has earned certification as a Spiritual Mentor, as well as NLP Coaching.

“It is a gift to be part of creating the container and space of transformation for those who wish to change and heal.  The intentions of love and respect create so much possibility, and witnessing this change, is a source of great gratitude. ”

As to what she got from her Process, Sudas explains, “The process set the balanced foundation for ongoing healthy growth.  I am grateful for the sense of safety, and solidity in my being, that this has given me. Knowing and living from this unshakeable ground of being, is my birthright, and is fundamental in my relationship to all that life brings.”

Sudas lives in Hawaii with her husband, after completing their home with off-grid sustainable farming. She loves her life!

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