Focused Discovery: Visioning Elevator with Quadrinity Check w/Chris Sansone


As part of our Focused Discovery Coaching Series, this combination of the Elevator and Quadrinity Check visualizations will help you learn how to become grounded in your four aspects of self so that you can live your vision.

Patterns can get in the way of you achieving your vision. The Elevator is a tool of awareness, and can help you uncover those patterns. This Hoffman tool is used to bypasses the Intellect and draw upon your Spiritual Self to find previously unidentified patterns.

As part of our Focused Discovery Coaching Series, this visualization offers a unique approach for using the elevator tool by giving you the opportunity to go deeper into the experience of actually fully living your vision pattern-free. You will experience your vision grounded in your Intellect, Emotional Self, and Body, becoming more agile to move further on your Right Road.