The New Hoffman App Is Here!

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Stay connected with your Hoffman Process – use the tools, receive support and encouragement – it’s like having a Hoffman teacher in your pocket!

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Tools At Your Fingertips

How are you feeling today?
Try the Feeling Wheel: Type in what you’re feeling and a tool suggestion comes up.

Caught in a vicious cycle?
The vicious cycle drawing tool helps you work your way out of negative behavior.

Dark side attack? Quad check? Need to express a pattern?
All of these and more (including a bashing feature!) are on the NEW Hoffman App, available for Apple and Android products.

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A Note About This App:
Though the app is running well on most devices, we have heard about a few cases in which a few users are having some issues when running the app. Below are some helpful tips and here is a link to the privacy policy.
• Information for the app is downloaded from a server the first time it’s executed. After the first use, the app will run much faster.
• Android 5 devices may have a problem with a buggy Android component that Google released in late April 2015, causing many apps to crash. Google published a fix for this in early June 2015. If you have an Android 5 phone, please update your system components through Google Play.
• Some iPhone users who are in a non-English-speaking country or have their iPhones configured in a language that is not supported by the app may have problems when the app attempts to detect the device’s language. In most cases, this may be solved by going to: Settings/General/Language & Region/Advanced, put the Automatic Language to English. Delete the App and reinstall it again.
• Some users may get a blank page the first time the app is run. A possible trick for solving this is to go back to the phone’s main menu and touch the Hoffman app icon to run it again.
If you need assistance with any app issues, please contact us: To see more information about trouble-shooting any issues, you can also visit the Hoffman U.K. site.
Thank you for your purchase!​

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