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Some thoughts from Joan Borysenko, author and Chair of the Advisory Council:

“As a culture, we’re clearly at a crossroads. Every great teaching tells us to walk the path of loving kindness — the path of the heart, of true power, integrity, and courage. The question is how to do it. This is where the Hoffman Process comes in.

“When I took the Process, I felt my own, and all the other participants’ negative energy being transformed into love and compassion. It wasn’t just an intellectual or psychological change. I sensed some other kind of energy flowing through me: suddenly, the world became our larger family.

“That’s why I serve on the Hoffman Institute’s Advisory Council — because just a few committed souls can change the world. It’s a privilege to be connected with the Institute, and it’s all the more rewarding to be joined by such brilliant and gifted individuals as the other Advisory Council members.”


Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. – Chair

Boulder, CO

Joan is an international authority on mind/body medicine. A lecturer and workshop leader and frequent guest on national television and radio, she is the author of numerous best-selling books: Minding the Body, Mending the Mind; Guilt is the Teacher, Love is the Lesson; Fire in the Soul: A New Psychology of Spiritual Optimism; The Power of the Mind to Heal; A Woman’s Book of Life: The Biology, Psychology and Spirituality of the Feminine Lifecycle; Ways of the Mystic: Seven Paths to God; and her latest book Healing Back Pain Naturally: The Mind-Body Program Proven to Work.

Ward Ashman, Ph.D.

San Francisco, CA

Ward Ashman is founder and Senior Partner of Trimergence, an organizational leadership consulting firm based in San Francisco. Ward developed the Trimergence system, designed to activate and balance the three intelligences (Logic, Emotion and Intuition) of individuals and organizations. Trimergence is a coordinated matrix of self-awareness and interpersonal tools designed to build collaborative, creative partnerships based on strong mutual trust. Trimergence clients include Agilent Technologies, Genentech, Adobe, Disney-Pixar, and Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants.

Anat Baniel

Greenbrae, CA

A direct protegee of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, Anat is an internationally known master practitioner and Training Teacher of the Feldenkrais method for movement, mind/body integration and physical healing. She also conducts seminars for the public and runs a prevention and wellness program for the San Francisco Symphony. Clients travel from around the world to be treated by her. In her private practice, her special interest is working with infants and small children.

Ken Blanchard, Ph.D.

San Diego, CA

Dr. Blanchard is a prominent author, speaker and business consultant, and is one of the most influential and respected leadership experts in the world. He is the cofounder and Chief Spiritual Officer of The Ken Blanchard Companies, an international management training and consulting firm that he and his wife, Margie Blanchard, began in 1979. Ken’s books have combined sales of more than 18 million copies in more than 25 languages, with his most noted being the phenomenal best-seller, The One Minute Manager, coauthored with Spencer Johnson. Ken has also received many awards and honors for his contributions in the fields of management, leadership, and speaking, and The National Speakers Association awarded him its highest honor, the “Council of Peers Award of Excellence.”

David Bork

Aspen, CO

Founder of the Aspen Family Business Institute, Mr. Bork has been a pioneer in the field of counseling family owned businesses for over 25 years. Integrating Family Systems Theory with sound business practice, he has had in-depth, long-term involvement with some 350 families in business. He has assisted them in charting their way through every imaginable family business situation. Mr. Bork is the author of Family Business, Risky Business and has been featured in Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, Money and Nation’s Business.

Matthew Budd, M.D.

Boston, MA

Co-author with Larry Rothstein, Ed.D. of You Are What You Say, architect for the first Behavioral Medicine Department at the Harvard Community Health Plan, which has been adopted by 29 HMO’s nationwide. His work has been featured on National Public Radio, in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and in the medical literature.


Sonia Choquette, Ph.D.

Chicago, IL

A third generation psychic, practicing since she was 12 years old, Sonia studied Metaphysics at the University of Denver and at the Sorbonne. As a renowned psychic and spiritual counselor, she now concentrates on helping others develop their own psychic powers. Appearing regularly on television and radio, she is the author of The Psychic Pathway and most recently Your Hearts Desire: Creating the Life You Really Want.

Ken Druck, Ph.D.

San Diego, CA

Dr. Ken Druck has earned countless accolades as a speaker, organizational consultant and coach, master facilitator, parent educator and community leader over the past 35 years. He is the recipient of many honors and awards, including “Family Advocate of the Year” and “Visionary Leadership” for his innovative body of work with individuals, the community and our nation. He is the author of Secrets Men Keep, How to Talk to Your Kids... and The Real Rules of Life: Balancing Life’s Terms with Your Own. He is the founder and executive director of the Jenna Druck Foundation in honor of his remarkable daughter, Jenna, who at age twenty one was killed in an accident. The foundation’s two programs, Families Helping Families and Young Women’s Leadership, assist families who have experienced the death of a child and helps promote the development of undiscovered young women leaders.

Stewart Emery

Tiburon, CA

Stewart is an entrepreneur, executive coach and leader, and is considered one of the fathers of the Human Potential Movement. He has led coaching sessions, and delivered workshops and seminars to thousands of people around the world. In 1988 he and his wife Joan founded Belvedere Consultants, which serves senior executives in leading the spirit of their enterprises and maximizing the talent of their people. Stewart is also the best-selling author of the books, You Don’t Have to Rehearse to be Yourself, The Owner’s Manual For Your Life and Success Built to Last. He has been featured on numerous television and radio talk shows, and serves as a faculty member at San Diego Global University and JFK University.

Gerald Harris

San Francisco, CA

Gerald is the president of Quantum Planning Group, which he founded in 2010. Previously, he served as a senior consultant with Global Business Network. His work outside the corporate sector has included working with non-governmental organizations in community development, regionalism, environmental policy, and public education. Gerald received a BA in economics from Morehouse College, and an MBA in finance and business economics from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. Gerald is the author of The Art of Quantum Planning, Seven Ideas from Quantum Physics for Breakthroughs in Creativity, Innovation and Leadership.

Karen Leland

Tiburon, CA

Karen Leland is a partner in Sterling Consulting Group and the bestselling author of six business books including Watercooler Wisdom: How Smart People Prosper in the Face of Conflict, Pressure and Change. She has worked with companies throughout the world including: American Express, AT&T, Oracle, Microsoft, Xerox, Marriott Hotels, IBM, and UPS. Karen has been featured in dozens of publications including: The New York Times, Fortune, Newsweek and Time. She has also been interviewed on The Today Show, CNN and Oprah. Karen is a frequent contributor to magazines and newspapers and has written for Women’s Day, Self, The Los Angeles Times, Entrepreneur and others. She writes a regular column for the Living section of the Huffington Post.

Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey, Ph.D.

Sausalito, CA

Dr. Lindsey is an award-winning filmmaker, actress, author and speaker, and holds a doctorate in Cultural Anthropology. Raised by her Hawaiian elders, Elizabeth was given the name “Kapu`uwailani” which means ‘the Heart of Heaven.’ She is the first female to become a fellow at the National Geographic Society, where she spearheads initiatives to preserve Polynesian culture. In March 2006 her eye-opening documentary film ” Then There Were None” (1996) was released on DVD. The film has become a Hawaiian history classic used in universities throughout the world for the advancement of cultural diversity. In addition, this former Miss Hawai`i is an advisor to prominent organizations in Hawai`i that advance indigenous education and culture, and she has also brought the teachings of her ancestors to Capitol Hill, the Smithsonian Institute, and the American Museum of Natural History.

Paul M. Mazonson

Marblehead, MA

Paul M. Mazonson is President and CEO of Mazonson LLC, an insurance brokerage and risk management firm. He received a BS in psychology and is a Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU). Paul is a past President of the Board of Directors and member of the Board of Trustees of Cohen Hillel Academy in Marblehead, Ma. In 2007 he was appointed to the Board of Trustees of Proctor Academy in Andover NH. Also in 2007 he co-founded Marblehead Rowing Club AKA Rock n Row to promote the sport of recreational salt water rowing. Paul has a passion for encouraging and supporting personal growth. He has actively integrated the Hoffman Process as a leadership development tool in his company and has been involved in developing The Leadership Path for the Institute. Paul served as a member of the Hoffman Board of Directors from 2000 through 2003.

William McLeod, M.D.

Melbourne, Australia

Former Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of New Zealand in Auckland, and an International Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, Dr. McLeod was for many years an advisor to Bob Hoffman and the Quadrinity Process. He maintains a private psychiatric practice in Melbourne.

Rev. Hal Milton, M.S.

Napa, CA

Reverend Hal Milton is a Unity Minister and co-developer of InsideOut Ministries. He serves on the Boards of several non-profit organizations. He has been trained extensively in body therapies, movement education, Rolfing, the Fischer-Hoffman Process of Psycho-Spiritual Integration, and Non-Violent Communication. His mastery is in developing and facilitating a variety of experiential workshops & seminars. Hal is the author of two books: Going Public: a Practical Guide for Developing Personal Charisma, and Wising Up: Life Without Regrets. He is married to the Reverend Sonya Milton, the spiritual leader of Unity San Francisco.

Marcelle Pick

Yarmouth, ME

Marcelle earned a BS in Nursing from the University of New Hampshire School of Nursing, a BA in Psychology from the University of New Hampshire, and her MS in Nursing from Boston College–Harvard Medical School. She is certified as an OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner and a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, and is a member of the American Nurses Association, American Nurse Practitioner Association and American Holistic Nurses Association. Marcelle has served as Medical Advisor to Healthy Living Magazine, lectured on a variety of topics — including “Alternative Strategies to Healing” and “Body Image” — and appears regularly on television to discuss women’s health. Marcelle co-founded Women to Women in 1983 with a vision to change the way in which women’s healthcare is delivered. In her practice, Marcelle undertakes a holistic approach that not only treats illness, but also helps women make choices in their lives to prevent disease.

Bruce Price, M.D.

Cambridge, MA

Dr. Price is Chief, Department of Neurology at McLean Hospital in Belmont, MA. As such he maintains the largest research program of any private psychiatric hospital in the world. Dr. Price is also Assistant Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School, teaching medical students, psychiatry, and neurology residents, and behavioral neurology/neural psychiatry and neuropsychology fellows. Dr. Price specializes in neuropsychiatry and cognitive behavior neurology and is interested in the relationship between disorders.

Michael Ray, Ph.D.

Palo Alto, CA

Professor of Creativity and Innovation at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, he is the co-author of several books including Creativity in Business, The Path of the Everyday Hero and The Creative Spirit. Widely known for his research on creativity, Dr. Ray has also been featured on national television programs, including 20/20 and the PBS series “The Creative Spirit.” Dr. Ray holds an endowed chair at Stanford, and his courses have been featured in Time, Fortune, and The New York Times.

Marianne Haissman Stefancic, M.F.T. ATR-BC

San Rafael, CA

Marianne Haissman Stefancic, M.F.T. ATR-BC is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Board Certified Art Therapist. She is a Jungian and Family of Origin oriented psychotherapist who has been in clinical practice for more than 25 years. She has advanced training in the use of EMDR for healing of trauma. She is also a specialist in couple’s therapy, having taught and directed training programs for therapists.

Siavash Tabrizy, M.F.T., Ph.D.

Irvine, CA

A co-founder of the TLC Whole Health Center in Irvine, California, Dr. Tabrizy has practiced psychology for over 13 years. He has experience working with children, adolescents, adults, geriatics, couples and families and has been the director of numerous inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. He has appeared on numerous television and radio programs and is the author or several published newspaper articles.

Barry Taylor, N.D.

Weston, MA

Dr. Taylor is a Naturopathic physician who specializes in education about complementary and integrative medicine in a spiritual context. From 1991-2005, Dr. Taylor was Chief Consultant on Complementary Medicine for NBC News in New England. Since then, he has participated in dozens of TV programs about natural medicine, nutrition and supplements, and the role they play in optimal functioning. Dr. Taylor has been recognized as an integrative medicine expert for the last 35 years, during which time he has treated thousands of clients all over the world through his LOVE YOUR BODY Program, which is based on his core wellness philosophy of using natural therapies to encourage the body to heal.

Lynne Twist

San Francisco, CA

Lynne Twist is a global social activist, fundraiser, speaker and author who has raised millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations, and trained thousands of fundraisers to be more effective. She has spent more than three decades working for social transformation, including ending hunger, global sustainability, human rights, indigenous rights, empowering women and children and promoting spirituality. Lynn is an original staff member of The Hunger Project, and she served as its fundraising leader for 20 years. She and her husband started The Pachamama Alliance, which works to “preserve the rainforests by empowering the indigenous peoples who are its natural custodians.” Lynne is the author of the best selling book The Soul of Money and the founder of the Soul of Money Institute. She has received numerous awards including being named a “Woman of Distinction” at the United Nations by the International Health Awareness Network for her work to end hunger, and the 2005 Humanitarian of the Year Award from Youth at Risk.

Sirah Vettese, Ph.D.

Los Angeles, CA

Sirah Vettese, Ph.D. is the author of What Happened to the Prince I Married?: Spiritual Healing for a Wounded Relationship and co-author of LIFEMATES: The Love Fitness Program for a Lasting Relationship. She is a skilled counselor, seminar leader and teacher of spirituality and has co-produced a number of best-selling audio programs including Deep Relaxation, Stop Smoking and Lose Weight and Healing Anxiety with Herbs. Dr. Vettese is one of the founders of Enchante, a publishing company designed to teach skills in emotional literacy to young children.

Brenda Wade, Ph.D.

Oakland, CA

Dr. Wade is a renowned clinical psychologist, is well known for her dynamic, love-centered approach to transformation. She has earned numerous awards as a psychologist, author, television host, producer, keynote speaker and workshop leader. She created Heartline Productions in order to produce quality media programs for television that focus on transforming lives. She regularly appears on CNN and NBC’s The Today Show as a psychology expert, and has been featured on Oprah and Good Morning America. Dr. Brenda is also the author of four books, and a trainer and management consultant. Dr. Brenda has also developed the Power Coaches Program to both train and provide coaching services around the globe.

Bettina Wright, LCSW, LCDC

Houston, TX

Bettina Wright is a Psychotherapist and Consultant, specializing in trauma and addictions. She incorporates body awareness techniques and Equine Somatic Psychotherapy in sessions with some of her clients as a way to enhance their healing process. She has held several directorial positions at various treatment and counseling centers in Houston where she resides, and sits on a number of local advisory councils and committees, such as the Advisory Council of the University of Texas School of Social Work, the Board of the Texas Research Society on Alcoholism, the Council on Alcohol & Drugs – Houston, Circles of Women South Central and the American Heart Association.

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