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We are currently in the middle of a teacher training program, and not accepting applications for new teachers. However, if you feel called to be a Hoffman teacher, email programs@hoffmaninstitute.org to be added to a notification list for when we begin our next hiring process. Please Note: You must be a graduate of the week-long Hoffman Process to apply to the Teacher Training Program.

Below is general information about being a Hoffman teacher and what a typical teacher training program entails.

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The job of teaching the Process is demanding and deeply rewarding. The lifestyle of a teacher is similar to that of someone who travels for their work, and air travel is required. You have limited access to your family while teaching, as you are focused on working with your students. This can be challenging if you have young children or do not enjoy being away from your home for extended periods of time. The decision to apply to be a Hoffman teacher should not be taken lightly, as it is a lifestyle.

Most of our faculty members teach 8-10 Processes per year, or about once every 4-6 weeks, while also leading virtual programs and providing coaching. Teaching requires both scheduling and financial flexibility. Many faculty members supplement their teaching income with other work that can be scheduled around Processes, including coaching and additional work with the Hoffman Institute.

The teaching schedule is constructed annually and published about 3 months before the new year begins. Upon certification as a new teacher, you will be assigned to teach on an as-needed basis until the next schedule is completed. Because scheduling is tied to enrollment, we can’t guarantee the number of Processes you’ll be scheduled to teach initially. As a new teacher, you would likely teach between four and eight Processes in your first 12 months as a certified teacher.


“Teacher training is like doing the Process 10 times. The journey is intense, often uncomfortable, and profoundly satisfying.”

The Hoffman Process Teacher Training Program takes approximately 2 years. The Training Program supports you in doing the personal work and developing the competencies you need in order to become a teacher. It’s designed to give you every opportunity to succeed. Certification as a Hoffman Process teacher is based on your demonstration of competency by the end of your training. Teacher training is considered job training and teachers are employed by the Hoffman Institute Foundation. Teacher training is primarily in person, and takes place in Northern California, and Kansas City.

Personal Work

Personal work is a cornerstone of your Hoffman Process Teacher Training and will be emphasized throughout. In addition to your own ongoing use of the tools, you will also do coaching work with Hoffman teachers. You are also required to take the Hoffman Process once again (tuition and lodging are covered by the Institute).

Phase 1 – Group Training

In this phase, you will work with experienced teachers and your fellow trainees to learn more about the structure and movement of the Process, how and why it works, and the intentions of each activity. You’ll practice presentations, tools, and one-on-one work, and get detailed feedback. Group work is supplemented by extensive in-home practice and study, including reading and writing assignments and working with training partners. Phase 1 training includes:

  • Monthly 3-day weekend training held in Northern California or Kansas City
  • Twice-monthly Tuesday evening meetings held via teleconference
  • 1 observation of the full 7-day Hoffman Process in Petaluma, CA with Director of Teacher Training
  • Logistics Support role for a full 7-day Hoffman Process at one of our retreat sites (travel, food & lodging are covered by the Institute)
  • Independent Study (readings, assignments, presentations, etc.- required materials provided by Institute)
  • Participate in Buddy Groups
  • Individual mentoring with Director of Teacher Training
Phase 2 – Internship Program

Having successfully completed your group training, you will be invited into Phase 2 – the Internship Program. Internships are done independently in each Process and, where possible, each intern will work with a different training teacher. As an intern you will teach under supervision in actual Processes with increasing levels of responsibility over time – eventually leading a small group through the Process. You’ll receive extensive feedback about all aspects of your performance.

  • Working with a training teacher, complete 5-10 Processes during your internship; the actual number depends on your demonstrated competency
  • Receive training to become a certified Hoffman Coach
  • Begin training and certification on Hoffman virtual courses
  • Twice-monthly Tuesday evening meetings held via teleconference from 4 p.m.- 6 p.m. Pacific Time
  • Independent Study (readings, assignments, presentations, etc.)
  • Take the Hoffman Process again, sometime between Internship 2 and Internship 4 (tuition and lodging are covered by the Institute)
  • As needed phone coaching with an assigned Hoffman teacher/coach. This relationship is collegial and supportive, but not evaluative.

Once you have demonstrated competency in the skills, knowledge, and attributes needed to be a Hoffman Process teacher, you will be invited to join the faculty and be certified as a Hoffman Process teacher. Final Hoffman Process teacher certification is determined by a committee made up of the Director of Teacher Training, and the teacher trainer and supervising teacher of your final Internship.

Phase 3 – Post-Certification: Associate Teacher Status

As a new Hoffman Process teacher you will continue to have coaching and mentoring support available to you for ongoing competency building.

  • Implement the Development Plan you created in partnership with your Certification Committee over your next 6 to 8 Processes
  • Join a Development Group and be supervised alongside colleagues by your Faculty Development Leader (FDL)
  • Participate in the All-Teacher Call held every other month
  • Continue training and certification of virtual and graduate courses


  • Hoffman Process graduate
  • Bachelor’s degree from accredited institution
  • 5-10 years of related work experience
  • Master’s degree (preferred) or equivalent*
  • Demonstrated competency in:
    • Working with people
    • Presentation and facilitation skills
    • Teamwork
    • Leadership
    • Experience in guiding individuals in relevant emotional process work
    • Strong technical capabilities, and ability to lead online programs
  • Willingness to travel to all US locations to teach Processes
  • Commitment to teach a minimum of 8 Processes per year, once established as a teacher

*Some exceptions to a Master’s Degree may be made through significant personal and professional experience and/or relevant professional training and certifications; these will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


The Hoffman Institute is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to diversity, equity and inclusivity in the workplace. We prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind based on race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other characteristic, protected by law, or otherwise.

We strive to create a workplace and a faculty in which diversity and inclusiveness are the standard, and not merely an initiative. At The Hoffman Institute we continue to build an inclusive culture that supports, celebrates and inspires the diverse voices of our employees and the students we serve. While we have more work to do to continue to advance diversity and inclusivity, we’re continually investing to move our organization forward.