The Only Constant in Life Is Change

By Shawn McAndrew When Greek philosopher Heraclitus uttered these words in the 500 BCEs, I’m sure he could never have foretold how meaningful it would be today. When our local counties, and [...]

No Star Is Ever Lost

“No star is ever lost We once have seen. We always may be What we might have been.” -Adelaide Anne Proctor By Julie Daley On the first night of the Process, as we all did, I met my Spirit Guide. [...]

No Birdsong

By Kara Noble I came to the Hoffman process with excited expectation and just a little dread. Who would I be in a week’s time? The location of White Sulphur Springs is such a perfect retreat, a [...]

Our Shared Humanity

By Julie Daley I GREW TO LOVE EVERYONE I remember the very first moments of my week at White Sulphur Springs. I’d just entered the dining room to register; the same room where we would eat many [...]

What Are You Feeling?

By Shawn McAndrew Every morning during the Process, your teacher asked you, “What are you feeling?” This was a specific question, and answers such as “Fine,” “Bad,” “Good,” or “Okay” did not [...]

My Heart to Your Heart

By Wendy Swanson How are you? How is your heart, soul, mind, and body? Like many of you, I have been riding the roller coaster of fear and grief, and finding the silver linings in this all. I [...]

Kindness Today

By Shawn McAndrew Fear and anxiety seem to have us in their grips these days with a pandemic, wars, the Dow Jones dropping like a boardwalk rollercoaster, the climate crisis, life, death. In the [...]

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