By Shawn McAndrew I recently got an email reminding me that, despite the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Shop Local frenzy, we have hearts, lives, love, and families and friends that we need more [...]

This Is For You

By Lauren Palmieri I’ve reflected a lot this past summer about my journey at the Hoffman Process in the spring of 2017, and even more recently as I’ve experienced many changes, realizations, and [...]

Continue Your Work, Enrich the Planet

By Jobi Manson August 2017 is two years since I graduated from the Hoffman Process. When I think back to the events that led me to the program, and of the days leading up to orientation, I can [...]

A Trip To The Stars

By Darlene Niemeyer After 25 years in the career of court reporting, I retired in 2015. I became a student at the Healing Arts Center (HAC) in St. Louis, Missouri and graduated in the fall of [...]

The Power Of Love

By Shawn McAndrew Love: It is one of the strongest and most durable emotions that is brought forth in the Process. We rediscover it, reunite with it, and even find it. When we leave on that final [...]

Makeup & New Endings

By Freddie Camozzi My father was sitting in the driver’s seat, my brother and two sisters in the back seat, and I was in the “way back” of our ’67 Ford Fairlane wagon. The car was idling in the [...]

Quieting Chatter

By Tami Tack In August 2003, the Portland Hoffman Graduate Group was born, and has been meeting monthly ever since. Gatherings have been held in private homes, churches, and community centers. [...]


By Shawn McAndrew I like to watch singing competitions (“The Voice”, the UK’s “X Factor”). I watch young and old artists stand in front of internationally known personalities and sing. [...]

When Change Happens

By Shawn McAndrew “When you’re serious about change” is not only Hoffman’s slogan indicating that we support and facilitate people making changes in their lives, it’s also about what we, as [...]

Becoming Whole

By Shawn McAndrew As each person walks through the classroom door on the first day of the Process, there is a part of her or him that may feel broken. That’s one of the reasons we’re there – to [...]

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