My Heart to Your Heart

By Wendy Swanson How are you? How is your heart, soul, mind, and body? Like many of you, I have been riding the roller coaster of fear and grief, and finding the silver linings in this all. I [...]

Kindness Today

By Shawn McAndrew Fear and anxiety seem to have us in their grips these days with a pandemic, wars, the Dow Jones dropping like a boardwalk rollercoaster, the climate crisis, life, death. In the [...]

To Our Graduate Community

Dear Hoffman Graduates, COVID-19 As we live together in this time of shared concern, caution, and fear, let us remember that we always have the choice of being on the right road or the left [...]

Hoffman 2020 Mandala Winner

  It is with big gratitude and full hearts that we announce the winner of the Second Annual Hoffman Mandala Contest! Lia May-Byrd came in first place!   By Freddie Camozzi 2020 HOFFMAN [...]

Keeping Score

By Shawn McAndrew My dad was a score keeper – someone who made darned sure he was never deficient in returning a favor, and made sure he got even if he was wronged. As a good daughter – and in [...]

When We Let Joy Lead

By Julie Daley WHEN WE LET JOY LEAD I’ve been thinking about the power of one’s positive legacy and the power of the good and beautiful things in our lives that bring forth a life of meaning and [...]

Hoffman Mandala Contest 2020

HOFFMAN MANDALA CONTEST We’ve just announced our Hoffman Mandala Contest 2020, open to all Hoffman graduates. The contest rules are below, but first let’s look at what a Mandala is and a way to [...]

Your Heart Knows

By Shawn McAndrew On February 14, many people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day – a day about love for most of us. The story of how this day came about is rather dark and lurid. It is [...]

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