Making Time

By Shawn McAndrew I recently had a conversation with someone who is dealing with a personal crisis. We all go through hard times, but this person’s situation reminded me that we often get caught [...]


Just in time for the holidays, we asked Hoffman staff and teachers to give us some words of gratitude. As we head into what is commonly known as “the silly season,” we wish Love and Light to [...]

Virtuous Cycles

By Shawn McAndrew By now, we all pretty much know what vicious cycles are. We covered them in the Process, and you can read the blog post about them here. But what are Virtuous Cycles? By [...]

Living Our Imperfection

By Julie Daley “Ring the bells that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There is a crack, a crack in everything That’s how the light gets in.” I’ve always loved these words [...]

Dealing With Your Dark Side

AWA: Awareness, Will, Action – Dealing With Your Dark Side By Hilary Illick YOUR DARK SIDE IS AN ENERGY SYSTEM When dealing with your dark side, remember this simple acronym: AWA = Awareness, [...]

Thank You, Body!

By Hilary Illick Wouldn’t it be cool if you had an internal navigational system always at your disposal? A system that would readily send you signals about how you are feeling, what you need, [...]

My Personal Experience

By Marcie Beigel A month ago, I stepped into The Guest House, ready to dive into the Hoffman Process. I had done many personal development retreats and had spent my entire adult life honing my [...]


By Shawn McAndrew In the Process, forgiveness is one of the avenues we take to get to the other side of emotions and patterns that keep us stuck in a life that is unproductive and not from [...]

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