Healing Our Wounds

By Shawn McAndrew When I think of wounds, I think of a cut or scrape that I may have suffered from a wayward knife edge while slicing tomatoes or a tripping over a curb. When I was a child, I had [...]

Resonance, Reflection, and Resilience (The 3 Rs)

By Gary Shunk One definition of the word resonance is the ability to evoke or suggest images, memories, and emotions. Resonance is something I experienced during the Process and very frequently [...]

Owning Our Fate

By Shawn McAndrew Fate is defined as a predetermined course of events, whether in general (i.e., a pandemic) or individually (i.e., meeting the person who led me to the Process). Whether you [...]

Transformational Circles

By BJ Jensen Love. I am moved by the love. It takes my breath away every session, every two weeks when we meet. I look at the faces of six other humans, five of whom were total strangers two [...]

Giving Thanks

The Hoffman staff, teachers, and teacher candidates send our best wishes to our Hoffman community for a loving and kind Thanksgiving holiday. Though this year will be different than years past [...]

Emotional Agility in These Times

By Shawn McAndrew This year, 2020, has been an emotional rollercoaster for most everyone I know. It seems many days bring unwanted news of tragedies, higher COVID-19 cases, hurricanes and fires, [...]

The Alli Cat

By Dan Hoffe Like gentle morning dew, So magical and clear, Your smile tends to greet me, Before you even appear. For I know now, That you truly see, And accept me, Just as I am, For I know now, [...]

Rebirth: Rising from the Ashes

By Shawn McAndrew April 18, 1997. I was making my way to St. Helena, uncertain what I’d find when I reached the site of the Process. I was feeling dread, insecurity, excitement, fear. These [...]

I Forgive You

By Jasin Deegan The Hoffman Process is a powerful journey from the head into the heart. This experiential, week-long process allows participants to undergo a hero’s journey where they are able to [...]

Appreciation & Gratitude

By Shawn McAndrew In the mid-1990s, someone gave me a journal. Maybe they gave it to me because I am a writer, and they thought I could do something with it. Feeling stumped, I soon thought about [...]

Inner Guidance: Spirit-Guided Visioning

By Shawn McAndrew You may have heard or read the famous quote by Mary Oliver, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” This is a key question. And how do we [...]

Hoffman Essentials

By Andy Milberg Teaching the Hoffman Process online? How are we going to do that? And if we can’t, how can we serve people who are either interested in or already signed up for the Process? As [...]

My Breakthrough Weekend

By Dan Hoffe After hearing nothing but glowing reviews from my Hoffman friends, I recently signed up and completed the Virtual Graduate Q2 course. And I must say it truly exceeded all of my [...]

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