Curiosity – Explore, Discover, Connect!

By Shawn McAndrew Without curiosity, growth is not easy. When we ask questions, we can begin to understand why or how something is the way it is. Why? What? Who? Before we even step foot into the [...]

What Have You Learned From the Pandemic?

By Maria Camara What have you learned from the pandemic? This was a question asked in a poll at the recent Hoffman Virtual Conference. The 52 participant answers reveal a great amount of silver [...]

Finding Your Silver Lining Within Change

By Maria Camara Embracing the reality of change is one strategy for building resilience while facing life’s challenges. Buddhism, among other disciplines, has given special emphasis to the [...]

Perfection: You Are It, So Get Busy Living & Giving of Your Uniqueness

Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best. (Henry Van Dyke) By Phoebe Harding We know that standards of perfection and best [...]

Innovation for These Times

By Matt Brannagan These past 12 months have given many of us the opportunity to experience growth and change. So much of the world as we knew it, or as we saw it, has been transformed. At Hoffman [...]

Your Heart In Bloom

By Raz Ingrasci Your heart is ready to open. You want to experience more light, love, and connection than you ever thought possible. But how can you do it if you’ve spent years keeping your heart [...]

Show Up. Trust. You’ll Be Lifted.

By Phoebe Harding I was standing in the middle of the empty road at White Sulphur Springs, appreciating sunlight filtering through redwoods. Suddenly, the foreground came into focus. A single [...]

Emotional-Intellectual Balance

By Gary Shunk Many years ago, a dear friend recommended a Hakomi counselor to me. Hakomi therapy is very body and feelings based. She told the counselor, “Be ready – he lives in his head.” I did [...]


By Shawn McAndrew How many times a day do you have connections with other people? A dozen? Hundreds? It depends on how many people you interact with, and these days that’s likely to be mostly [...]

Love, Loving, Lovable

By Shawn McAndrew One night, while awake at 2 a.m., the same scenario kept repeating itself in my head: A stressful situation, and I was trying to figure out a solution. If I do this, then this [...]

Healing Our Wounds

By Shawn McAndrew When I think of wounds, I think of a cut or scrape that I may have suffered from a wayward knife edge while slicing tomatoes or a tripping over a curb. When I was a child, I had [...]

Resonance, Reflection, and Resilience (The 3 Rs)

By Gary Shunk One definition of the word resonance is the ability to evoke or suggest images, memories, and emotions. Resonance is something I experienced during the Process and very frequently [...]

Owning Our Fate

By Shawn McAndrew Fate is defined as a predetermined course of events, whether in general (i.e., a pandemic) or individually (i.e., meeting the person who led me to the Process). Whether you [...]

Transformational Circles

By BJ Jensen Love. I am moved by the love. It takes my breath away every session, every two weeks when we meet. I look at the faces of six other humans, five of whom were total strangers two [...]

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