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You’ve already benefited from the Process and now you want to continue your growth and integration. We offer a variety of graduate courses and services to choose from to support you in your own life.

Graduate courses range from one-hour teleclasses or coaching sessions to three-day residential intensives. All are designed to support you in expanding into your wholeness, and moving toward your vision.

To help you choose next steps, click on any link for detailed information. If you would like further assistance, you can always give one of our trained counselors a call at 1-800-506-5253.

Links to connect you with the Hoffman community for virtual offerings, our podcast & more!


Links to Coaching, Programs, Tools, etc.

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Graduate Programs (currently virtual, retreat and off-site when permitted):
 The Q²: Beyond Mom & Dad 
Spirit-Guided Visioning
Hoffman Couples Retreat 
 Relationship Intensive
1-Day Graduate Refreshers

Teleclasses & Webclasses:
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Graduate Community:
Hoffman Transformation Circle
Hoffman Graduate Groups
Hoffman Class Reunions
Teacher-led Grad Nights

2-Day Hoffman Essentials Offerings:
 1-Day Graduate Refreshers
Spirit-Guided Visioning
Teleclasses & Webclasses
Hoffman Essentials Practice Groups
Hoffman Transformation Circle

Tools, etc:
The Hoffman App
Audio Tools 
Order a Hoffman Journal (for Process grads) or
What I Know Journal (for Essentials participants)
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Resources at a Glance
Graduate Testimonials
Books by Hoffman Graduates

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