Congratulations on the work you did during your Process! (The Ongoing Work for Hoffman Essentials Participants page is here.)

You’ve already benefited from the Process and now you want to continue your growth and integration. We offer a variety of graduate programs and services to choose from to support you in expanding into your wholeness, and moving toward your vision.

To help you choose next steps, click on any link for detailed information. If you would like further assistance, please call to speak with an enrollment counselor at 800-506-5253.


Hoffman coaches provide invaluable post-Process guidance and support.

Virtual Programs

A variety of virtual programs to support your ongoing post-Process needs.

In-Person Programs

Continue exploring and expanding with in-person programs after your Process.

Graduate Community

Stay connected and create community with other Hoffman Process grads.


Rich resources of information and guidance are available anytime, anywhere.

Social Media

Wherever you are in the world, stay connected through social media.

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