The Hoffman Podcast

Love's Everyday Radius is an inspiring collection of conversations with Hoffman graduates and those impacted by their ripple of change.

Our aim is to highlight how the Process enhances reciprocity, gratitude, and responsibility toward the whole. The Hoffman Process is about more than individuals healing themselves. When you change yourself from within, your actions change and you become an integral part of the healing of the world through your own “everyday radius.”

Hosts: Drew Horning, Sharon Mor, & Liz Severin Producer: Julie Daley
Sound Engineer: Walt Hubis Music: Radius of Spirit by Walt Hubis

S7e14: Stella Horgan – Illuminating Our Full & Deepest Potential as Human Beings

Stella Horgan, beloved UK Hoffman Process teacher and so much more, shares with us this wide-arching, panoramic view of her singular life. Stella calls upon us to heal and find our full glorious potential as human beings, reminding us we are valid and that we are in the driver’s seat of our lives. Content warning: […]

S7e13: David Fishof – Rock & Roll, Faith, and the Element of Surprise

David Fishof is an American music producer, sports agent, and the founder and CEO of Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp. Listen in as David weaves his stories, shares his big heart, and guides us through his Hoffman Process transformation. In 1999, David came to the Process to understand why he couldn’t “keep his marriage.” He was […]

S7e12: Dorothy Holden – Let Somatic Knowing Guide Your Life

Dorothy Holden, beloved Hoffman teacher and coach, did the Hoffman Process in 2004 and became a teacher in 2007. In this conversation with Drew, Dorothy shares her journey from the reactive patterns she learned as a child to the wisdom she’s developed over the years of serving others and teaching the Process. Growing up, Dorothy […]

S7e11: Blake Mycoskie – A Deep Surrender to Spirit

This is a remarkable conversation with Blake Mycoskie, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and best-selling author. Blake graduated from the Hoffman Process in 2017. Before his Process, Blake had been a hard-driving athlete and a highly successful entrepreneur. He came to the Process because life had suddenly become more complex for him. He felt ‘untethered’ on the heels […]

S7e10: Jen Davis – A Whole New Life & a Brand New Love

Jen Davis, beloved Hoffman Process teacher and coach, sits down with Drew to share her journey from a heartbreaking loss to celebrating a whole new life and a brand new love. Jen did the Process in 2016 at White Sulphur Springs. What brought her to the Process was the shocking divorce she was going through […]

S7e9: Junior (Elbert) Smith – I Am Love

Attorney, Junior (Elbert) Smith, generously shares his journey to, and at, the Hoffman Process. In doing so, he gives us a view into how patterns and trauma affect how we see ourselves and how we journey through the world. Content Warning: This episode contains graphic descriptions of trauma. Please use your discretion. Junior shares his […]

S7e8: Carsten Sorensen – To Be a Great Leader…

Technology and finance executive, Carsten Sorensen, had a powerful transformation during his Process in 2014. Over the next five years, Carsten worked diligently to transform his core negative patterns. Using his Process tools and doing the deep work, Carsten was able to profoundly shift his life. The Hoffman Process was recommended to Carsten by his […]

S7e7: Sisi Takaki – Human to Human

Entrepreneur and Mediator, Sisi Maw Takaki, completed the Hoffman Process in February 2019. As a child of parents who immigrated to the US for a better life, Sisi shares with Sharon how the sacrifice her parents made for her affected her and the patterns it created in her. As Sisi shares, we can both adopt […]

S7e6: Amy Thompson – Honey, You’re a Human

Amy Thompson is a beloved Hoffman Teacher and Coach. In today’s episode, she shares her story of recovery, losing her father, the grief she experienced from his loss, and her experience going through cancer treatment while training to become a Hoffman Process teacher. And, really, Amy shares so much more. Listen in as Amy shares […]