In this live, virtual 2-day Hoffman Essentials program, Hoffman teachers will guide you through experiential activities, individual assignments, and engaging discussions in order to bring more understanding, love, and aliveness to your life. Become aware of and dismantle the barriers that stand in the way of living your best life. (Please note: This program is for people who have not participated in the Hoffman Process.) The experiences and learning from this program are designed to provide useful tools and practices that you can carry with you for a lifetime.

In this 2-day Hoffman Essentials program, you will:

  • Dis-identify from your conditioned ways of reacting and thinking, and identify with your true self
  • Discover your innate capacity for love, compassion, and forgiveness for yourself and others
  • Learn how to access the 4 aspects of your being
  • Build emotional intelligence and maturity
  • Find a deeper and kinder way of being with yourself and others
  • Learn practical tools and practices that you can use going forward
  • Learn how to access and identify emotional baggage
    →After finishing the 2-Day Hoffman Essentials, you can join one of the Hoffman Practice Groups
  • Tuition: $495
  • Special Tuition Rate: $350
  • Scholarship support available

For this program, you will need to be on video and participate! The program will take place in a private Zoom video conference room. The link will be sent to you prior to the program start date. If Zoom video conferencing is unfamiliar to you, please check out the link to Zoom tutorials here.

For the Hoffman Essentials program, please find a private and quiet place where you will be uninterrupted, and where you can sit comfortably in front of your screen. Your space should be well lit; we want to be able to see you and connect with you! We also want to cultivate a safe and intimate place in which you can do your work, even though we are not together physically.

Hoffman Essentials FAQs

  • Orientation/Welcome Call with an Enrollment Counselor
  • 2-4 hours of online pre-program work
  • Limited to 20 participants in a virtual environment
  • Led by 2-3 Hoffman teachers
  • Experiential curriculum
  • Post-program class integration call
  • Need more information? Email enrollment@hoffmaninstitute.org

Jan. 28 & 29

Feb. 18 & 19

Mar. 4 & 5

Mar. 9 & 10

Mar. 25 & 26

Apr. 15 & 16

Apr. 29 & 30

May 11 & 12

May 20 & 21

June 3 & 4

June 24 & 25

Feb. 4 & 5

Feb. 9 & 10

Feb. 25 & 26

Mar. 18 & 19

Apr. 1 & 2

Apr. 6 & 7

May 6 & 7

May 27 & 28

June 10 & 11

June 15 & 16

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