About Us

About Us

The Hoffman Institute Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to transformative adult education, spiritual growth, and the personal dimensions of leadership. We serve a diverse population from all walks of life, including business professionals, stay-at-home parents, therapists, students, tradespeople, and those seeking clarity in all aspects of their lives.

More About Hoffman Institute

With affiliated Hoffman Centers in 14 countries, more than 125,000 people have found that the residential, week-long Hoffman Process improves the quality of their lives, their relationships, and their careers. In the United States, the Process is offered at beautiful retreat sites on both the west and east coasts.

Through our proprietary methodology, participants learn how to transform counterproductive beliefs, perceptions, and emotional patterns that are limiting their lives. They are taught how to live from the positive dimensions of their beings, resulting in lives that are more free, open, loving, spontaneous, joyous, creative, balanced, and whole.

(FREE) A Path to Personal Freedom & Love
(FREE) A Path to Personal Freedom & Love
(FREE) A Path to Personal Freedom & Love
Written by Bob Hoffman, this booklet offers substantial insight into the principles upon which The Hoffman Process is based.

In the 2006 peer-reviewed magazine “Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing,” the Hoffman Process was shown to have outstanding results. Program participants demonstrated significant and lasting increases in emotional intelligence, forgiveness, compassion, life satisfaction and vitality, coupled with significant and lasting decreases in depression, hostility and anxiety. A survey of worldwide research literature shows that no other interventions produce comparably strong and lasting results.


Our primary fundraising emphasis is to provide scholarship support to a diverse population of individuals who are also dedicated to public service through education, social work, medicine, ministry, and the non-profit sector. We also raise funds for research and development, faculty training and development, and special programs that include our partnership with New York City-based Youth-at-Risk and the Hyde Schools in Maine, New York, and Connecticut. Additionally, from 2005-2009, we provided a co-curricular program for 150 graduate students from 20 countries at the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard University.

Our Faculty

Hoffman Process teachers have expertise in fields including medicine, psychology, divinity studies, the arts, and the corporate world. They share a common calling to guide others through the journey of the Hoffman Process.

Board of Directors

The Hoffman Institute is guided by a board comprised of highly accomplished, dedicated individuals. Each board member is a Process graduate, so each has experienced personal transformation and healing through completing this powerful work.

Advisory Council

Hoffman Advisory Council members are experts in the areas of psychology, cognitive science, mind-body medicine, spirituality, and business management.

Global Affiliates
Global Affiliates

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