For My Client?

Is the Process for My Client?

Many mental-health professionals and coaches have found the Hoffman Process to be a powerful adjunct for their clients who are in individual or couples therapy or coaching. For understanding more about the Process and for addressing some of the important questions and concerns associated with recommending the Process to clients, please see the resources listed on the right.

Whether you have already recommended the Process to clients or are considering doing so, we hope you will find this information helpful. If you have any questions or feedback about this information or about experiences with your clients, or would like to speak with other professionals whose clients have participated, please call us at 800-506-5253.

Learn more by watching the video or visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Recommended Resources

Who Should I Recommend? – one page guide

Recommending the Process

Creative Force Brochure

Path to Personal Freedom and Love by Bob Hoffman

Therapist/Physician Release

Articles and interviews:

Positive Emotional Change: Mediating Effects of Forgiveness and Spirituality by Levenson, Aldwin and Yancura, in the scientific peer reviewed journal, EXPLORE: The Journal of Science and Healing. This contains the findings of a three-year research study of the Hoffman Process

The Therapy that Changed My Life by Joan Borysenko, PhD

Mysteries of the Brain, Mysteries of Healing An interview with Professor Bruce Price, M.D.

Mild Depression: Medical Illness or Invitation for Self-Growth? by Lee Lipsenthal, MD, ABHM, Holistic Primary Care Vol. 8, No.1

Breaking Up With Harmful Childhood Patterns – A Q&A with HIF CEO Liza Ingrasci

Science and the Hoffman Process: Reviewing Existing Research by Maria Camara, MSc, PhD

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