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Videos About Hoffman Courses: Share our inspirational introductory video with your friends, family, co-workers – everyone! We also have a number of other educational and inspirational videos on our Video page.

Exclusive Interview about the Hoffman Process: In this heart-warming interview with Hoffman teachers Devi Cavitt-Razo, Andy Milberg and Ed McClune, listeners learn about Hoffman from the inside out – how Devi, Ed and Andy became teachers, what the Process means to them, and stories of healing and overcoming life’s greatest challenges. Their shared insights in this interview from “The Hoffman Connection” will help anyone understand the Process better.

For more episodes of “The Hoffman Connection,” please go to our show list here.

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Share the Process: Helpful tips for sharing the Process with others, while expressing and listening from your heart; includes a list of Hoffman Institute resources.

Request an Info Pack – Make a request, and a packet of informative materials will be sent to you.

Request Therapist Guidelines – This packet contains materials to assist your therapist in understanding your Process experience.

Free, Live Intro Calls (Weekly) – Share this informational call with anyone. You can join our weekly Process Information Call along with your loved ones. Calls take place every Tuesday at 5:00 PM Pacific Time (8:00 PM Eastern). Get in on the discussion, or simply listen. To join us on Tuesdays, call 866-705-2554 (USA/Canada toll free) or 913-227-1201 (USA toll call) and, when prompted for a password, enter 694467#.

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