1-Day Graduate Refreshers

Graduate Refreshers are powerful day-long courses facilitated by a Hoffman teacher.  

Tuition is $165 ($120 if you register 2 weeks or more in advance.)

All Graduate Refresher registrations are at 9:00
All Refreshers begin at 9:30 and run until 5:00 PM, unless otherwise noted.

We offer Graduate Refreshers on a variety of topics, including: Cultivating ResilienceThriving Relationships; The Power of Play; Living Your Vision; and Self-Compassion.

Participating in a Refresher is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in a day of deep learning and growth, meet other local graduates, and come away deeply enlivened and connected to your own wisdom.

Join Us for Our 1-Day Graduate Refresher Near You!

Attend these events with your Process buddies, other graduate friends, or your graduate spouse/partner. Or, attend on your own and make new graduate friends.


Upcoming 1-Day Graduate Refreshers

Cultivating & Building Resilience in Your Everyday Life

The late Al Siebert, PhD, wrote in his book “The Resiliency Advantage” that “…highly resilient people are flexible, adapt to new circumstances quickly, and thrive in constant change.  Most importantly, they expect to bounce back and feel confident that they will.  They have a knack for creating good luck out of circumstances that many others see as bad luck.”  Come join us for a one-day refresher to cultivate and build more resilience, presence, joy, and gratitude into your life.  We will expand on the many resilience building practices you learned during your Process and explore ways you can cultivate resilience in your everyday life.


Living Your Vision: Clarity, Purpose & Intention

A day-long immersion in the what, how, and why of living into your own vision. Together we will explore how to clarify your vision and fully begin living in a way that brings ALL of your being to life. Hoffman visioning is not just about “How do I get what I want?” but also a meditation on living from the heart and welcoming what your life is at this very moment – finding the beautiful balance between desire & surrender, and learning to live fully with intention. This will be an exciting day, leaving you energized, empowered, and connected to yourself and your vision for your life. As a bonus, you’ll meet and connect with a group of wonderful local graduates!



The basis for a deep, abiding sense of self-love is self-compassion. This graduate course will help you rekindle the radiance you experienced after your Hoffman Process, tap into the deep sense of well-being that results from self-love, and create compassionate connections with your self and others. Learn what it means to love yourself and others unconditionally.



Thriving Relationships

In this one-day course, you will use the Hoffman principles and tools to explore the patterns that keep you from experiencing love and connection more fully. Whether you are single, in a relationship, or anywhere in between, this course will help you to open your heart and be more present to your own Spiritual Self and that of your loved one.


The Power of Play: Living A Life of Joy, Gratitude, and Laughter

Children in a cardboard box playing SafariJoin us for a full day to experience how and why gratitude, laughter, and play bring us fully alive. We know through our own Process experience that feelings of sadness, grief, anger, and fear only bring us half way to healing. In order to fully claim our vision, aliveness and authenticity, we must know laughter, gratitude and letting go. In this one-day Refresher, you’ll meet other local grads, identify and clear patterns that inhibit joy, and come away with new practices and perspectives. We won’t just talk about it; we’ll experience it!

Dates for Cultivating & Building Resilience in Your Everyday Life

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Dates for Living Your Vision

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Dates for Self-Compassion

Scottsdale, AZ
April 18, 2020 (cancelled)
Led by Matt Brannagan

Dates for Thriving Relationships

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Dates for The Power of Play

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I found the Refresher to be an extraordinarily valuable gift. As a result, within the past 24 hours I have gained clarity and confidence, and altered my intentions and actions. I am feeling so much more at peace and centered. –Steve Z.

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