HE Practice Groups

Welcome! We invite you to join Hoffman Essentials (“HE”) Practice Groups to continue your journey.

HE Practice Groups are for those who have completed Hoffman Essentials. These groups are free, and meet virtually on Zoom once a month for approximately an hour and a half. Each group has a trained group leader who oversees and leads the programs in alignment with the principles of Hoffman Essentials and Hoffman group standards. The meetings are structured and the primary purpose of the meeting is for group members to do their Hoffman tools work together. Of course, it is also great for connection and community building!

Typical meeting times are as follows:

Tuesday 5pm PT / 8pm ET – 3rd Tuesday of the month

Sunday 3pm PT / 6pm ET – 4th Sunday of the month


Click the buttons below to join the group that works best for your schedule/time zone!

Sunday 3pm PT / 6pm ET
Tuesday 5pm PT / 8pm ET
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