Dominique Samari

Dominique Samari

As well as teaching the Hoffman Process, Dominique is a coach and consultant for non-profit and philanthropic organizations and leaders, an advisor for the Collective Impact Forum and a speaker at the United States State Department Speakers’ Bureau.

Dominique is passionate about supporting individuals in removing the blocks that prevent them from seeing themselves and others clearly.

Dominique’s Process transformed how she saw herself and the world around her.

“I had a profound shift during my Process that provided me with the foundation to show up in my life as my full authentic self. I consider it a gift and a privilege to walk beside students as they embark on their own transformational journeys.”

Dominique received her B.A. from Ohio University and Juris Doctorate from Marquette University. She currently lives in Milwaukee, WI, with her dog, Coltrane Samari.

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