Comprehensive and Effective

Process participants come from all income groups, professions, cultures, and spiritual beliefs. They range in age from 21 to well into their 80s. Despite varied backgrounds, those who come to the Process have in common a sense of dissatisfaction with their lives and a deep desire to change.

Because the Hoffman Process is a comprehensive and effective week-long program, it appeals to people who have demanding lives with limited free time.

Prior to the Process, we ask everyone to complete a comprehensive assignment. By studying your pre-Process assignment, the teaching staff are able to begin an in-depth understanding of your requirements before meeting you.

During the Process, highly qualified teachers lead you through exercises and experiences in order for you to learn new ways of thinking and being, and to have more awareness and positivity in your life.

After the Process, the Hoffman Institute offers powerful graduate programs that are designed to support, mentor, and empower you. Life-long support and personal development programs include coaching, graduate programs, webclasses, and more.

Learn more about the Process by watching the video, taking the self-assessment evaluation below, or visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Self Assessment Form

Please check any of these indicators you may experience to help you determine if the Process is right for you:

I feel that something is holding me back and want to remove the limits.
I know what I should do but often cannot generate the will to do it.
I often feel angry, resentful, embarrassed, or depressed.
I either dominate and intimidate others, or I feel intimidated, coerced, and manipulated and can’t stand up for myself.
I work compulsively, often to the detriment of other aspects of my life.
Meaning is going out of my marriage, my career, or life in general. I often feel I’m just going through the motions.
There’s a lack of intimacy in my life – I’ve been unsuccessful in creating relationships or have had repeated failed relationships.
I’m either unemotional and disconnected from my feelings, or my feelings are running me.
I recognize that my parents were not as loving or supportive as I wanted them to be.
I know that bad things happened in my childhood.
I see myself passing my own pain onto my children.
I want to be a better parent.

If you selected any of the above indicators, the Hoffman Process may help you find solutions to your search for a better life.
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