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Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to support your interest in the Hoffman Process for you and your clients.

Many of my clients, as well as therapists and many people in the helping professions, have derived tremendous personal benefits from the Hoffman Process. They’ve integrated fresh, expansive insights and awakened possibilities into their lives with highly practical and enduring results.

Process participants engage deep psychological and spiritual practices grounded in a sound, healing methodology that’s been developed and refined over several decades; it’s a methodology that is particularly well adapted to current attachment and neurobiological theories and practices. Simply stated, participants learn how to transform counterproductive and limiting beliefs, perceptions, and emotional patterns into more creative, life-enhancing options.

As a supportive graduate of the Hoffman Process, I can attest to the benefits gained from the Process throughout my life, from a deepening of capacity for love and acceptance to receiving more joy in life. Happily, the benefits have endured over decades.

The Process and its methodologies coordinate well with the practices of psychotherapy, whether it is psychodynamic, cognitive, experiential, or transpersonal modalities. As such, the Process may be a very useful adjunct to the important work of psychotherapy.

In referring clients to participate in the Hoffman Process, I have found that upon resumption of psychotherapy, the graduate clients tend to have much greater access to their inner depth, accept more responsibility for their choices, and are more conscious of the ever-present dynamic of projections and transferences. Most brilliantly, I find that they have gained the awareness of feeling connected to a deeper, authentic, lovable Self. They come to experience a Self beyond the conditioned self. The Process is a wonderfully therapeutic asset to psychotherapy.

Please feel free to contact any of us should you have questions or concerns about the benefits of the Hoffman Process. The professional names to the right are all clickable and linked to our email addresses. We invite you to recommend the Hoffman Process as a supportive complement to your work as a clinician.


Marianne H. Stefancic, M.F.T. (San Rafael, CA)
Hoffman Advisory Council Member

I have referred hundreds of my clients to the Hoffman Process since 1992. Their work through the Process has been invaluable. The Process helps people do a chunk of their family of origin work, connects them back to their joyful child self, and is, overall, transformative. Having done the Process myself, along with seeing tremendous results in my clients, I cannot recommend this program enough. I would like everyone on the planet to go through the Process — and then we really could develop peace on earth.”

Patti Henry, M.Ed.,L.P.C., psychotherapist and author of The Emotionally Unavailable Man: A Blueprint for Healing

My first experience with the Hoffman Institute was when my husband agreed to attend.  My husband struggled with hard to treat depression for decades.  I see a profound  subconscious change in him that only a spouse can observe: Before Hoffman he used to have anxious nightmares, but after attending the Hoffman Process he laughs in his sleep almost every night.  It is the best investment in our relationship wellness that we have ever made.

I sent my first client to Hoffman before attending myself, and several afterward.  Once I went through the process, and my husband and I did a relationship intensive I was better able to support clients as they prepared for and returned from the process.  I have been able to incorporate the tools of the process into their therapy and have seen tremendous growth in each client, even in the client who denies that he benefited from the process.  I would welcome consultation with any psychotherapist who wants to support their clients through the process.  There is much you can do to help them prepare, transition home, and incorporate the tools learned into their recovery over time.” 

Lisa J. Johnson, PhD, LMFT
Making Relationships a Priority

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