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Today, we change things up a bit. While we usually focus on the full Hoffman Process, today’s episode illuminates our 2-day Hoffman Essentials program. Join Drew and Jessie, Tiffany, Katy, and Marta, for this in-depth reflection on their journey through the Hoffman Essentials program. They each have a moving story that brought them to the Essentials program and each came for different reasons. What you will hear from them is how this powerful virtual work brings profound gifts of healing we hadn’t yet heard articulated in such beautiful ways.

In the early days of the Pandemic, Hoffman faculty and staff got to work creating. We were clear that the work of transformation afforded by the Process must continue even as the world was shutting down. But, after over 5o years of the Process being done in person, could elements of the Process and the promise of transformation they hold, work in a virtual setting? Could people, strangers in real life, come together and, after two days, realize how much they have in common and lean on the essentials of the Hoffman Process and their commonality for personal inner growth? As you’ll hear Drew say, the answer is a resounding, YES!

Our guests speak to many of these. They mention the Quadrinity and how to access each of the four parts. They share how they’ve transformed conditioned ways of reacting and thinking. Self-compassion is a key piece to this weekend of learning and growing. Some speak of the healing they found in the specific places in their home where they did the course, or outside during the Self-forgiveness guided exercise they were given. You can hear self-kindness and self-acceptance in their stories. There is a clear sense of love for where they are in their healing journey and their lives.

The Hoffman Essentials program

Hoffman Essentials

Hoffman Essentials is a live, virtual 2-day Hoffman Essentials program where Hoffman teachers guide students through experiential activities, individual assignments, and engaging discussions to bring more understanding, love, and aliveness to your life. The experiences and learning from this program are designed to provide useful tools and practices you can carry with you for a lifetime. As Marta shares, the Essentials program is a “great way to ask for help.”

With a consistent 5-6 month waiting list to attend the week-long Process in the US, our Hoffman Essentials program supports those who cannot or don’t want to wait to begin the work of change. We are grateful to our guests for sharing their stories of transformation through this program.

Discover more about the 2-day Hoffman Essentials virtual program.

Meet our guests:

Jessie Wei

Dr. Jessie Wei is a mother to two amazing sons. She’s also an integrative and functional medicine doctor and a former OB/GYN who had the great privilege and honor of taking care of thousands of women over seventeen years. Jessie is the author of two books about returning to wholeness and true love.

Tiffany Komasara

Rev. Tiffany Komasara, J.D., M. Div. is a non-profit professional with over 25 years of experience leading, advising, and working for religious and social service groups, schools, and arts organizations.  Tiffany currently serves as pastor of Boulevard Presbyterian Church in Grandview Heights, Ohio. There, she regularly uses mindfulness practices, self-awareness, and cognitive therapies in her ministry.

Katy Grainger

Katy is a mother of two adult daughters and is married to her high school sweetheart. She lives in Hawaii. Five years ago, Katy lost both her lower legs and seven fingertips to septic shock. Katy now shares her story to spread sepsis awareness.

Marta Campanella

Hoffman Essentials Podcast Marta Campanella

Marta Campanella, whose friends describe her as sunshine, is a mom to her 10-year-old son. She loves her job selling Real Estate in Naples, FL; her other passion is teaching and practicing yoga. Marta is always up for adventure and travel, and if she can bring her sweet dog Harold along, it’s a bonus.

As mentioned in this episode:

A Medium article by Duncan Riach where he mentions the Hoffman Process.

Sepsis and Amputation Information (shared on Katy’s website).

It takes 90 seconds for an emotion to pass.

Compassion fatigue during Covid in the caring professions.

Tibetan Buddhism

Pema Chödrön

Hoffman tools and vocabulary:

Hoffman Tools

The Quadrinity – The intellect, emotional self, body, and Spiritual Self.

Left Road/Right RoadMaking a choice (download the PDF).

Hoffman’s Cycle of Transformation

Cycle of Transformation

Morning Quad Checks and Evening Appreciation and Gratitude: Join us on Instagram for a daily Quadrinity Check at 8:00 a.m. PT and an Appreciation & Gratitude practice at 6:00 p.m. PT.

Recycling – a tool to transform a negative pattern into a positive alternative.

Guided Imagery – words and music to bring forward imagery to bring about some beneficial effect.

The Hoffman App: Hoffman Daily Practice Meditations and Visualizations

Hoffman webclass calendar

The Parenting class mentioned by Marta:
Parenting with Mindfulness (a two-part series) In this two-part parenting webclass series, the first session focuses on awareness and identifying patterns and challenges that sabotage your intentions as a parent, and taking power from the undermining voice of your Dark Side. In the second session, we explore how you can take care of your own needs with self-love and compassion so that you can meet the challenges of parenting as a resilient adult.