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During the Process you were introduced to many tools, practices, and visualizations to assist your journey. You will find many of these audio tools on this page. To listen, simply click on the title of the recording.

You may also download and listen to them later on your desktop or import them into a program such as iTunes. From there, you may put them on your mp3 player (iPod, etc.).

To download (from a computer): Click on the icon with the downward arrow

To listen (on any device): Click on the play icon with right-pointing arrow


Please Note: These tools are the property of the Hoffman Institute Foundation and are protected by copyright and trademark registrations. They are intended and authorized only for personal use by graduates of the Hoffman Process, and may not be reproduced or used in any other manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the Hoffman Institute.

Audio Tools & Practices
      Elevator Introduction
      Visioning - Chris Sansone
      Quadrinity Check-In
      Dark Side Check
      Forgiveness Intro
      Discussion on Forgiveness
      Short Light Journey
      River of Life
      Spirit Guided Path
      I Am that I Am
      Recycling with Energy Ball
      Recycling with Sand and Waves
      Recycling with Seeds and Flowers
      Recycling (Embodied Recycling)
      Pattern Rewiring - Jo Mattoon
      Centering Practice: Length-Width-Depth

Bonus Visualizations

      Relationship Healing Visualization - Linda Hartka
      Self-Compassion During Difficult Times
      Mindful Gratitude - Hilary Illick
      Sleep Visualization
      Relationship Visualization - Linda Hartka
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