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PLEASE NOTE: Starting May 18th 2021, we are allowing graduate groups to meet in-person if the leader of that group feels comfortable. These are the updated guidelines that we ask all grad groups to follow until further notice. Many graduate groups will continue meeting virtually on Zoom. In order to receive updates from your local grad group leader, please join a group. 

Hoffman graduate groups hold fairly regular meetings where the primary purpose of the meeting is for graduates to do their Hoffman tools work together. Each group has a trained, volunteer group leader who oversees and leads the programs in alignment with the principles of the Process and Hoffman group standards.


Leader: Jonah Coe
Meets first Thursday of the month

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San Francisco Bay Area
Currently there are 4–5 meetings per month in the Bay Area. You are welcome to attend any of these. When you join any one of these groups you will receive a monthly newsletter which includes meeting times and dates for all of the San Francisco Bay Area Grad Groups:


  • Petaluma
    Leaders: Stacy Earl, and Jason Howell – typically meets second Wednesday of the month
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  • East Bay
    Leaders: Robin Taylor and James Hatfield – typically meets third Monday of the month
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  • San Francisco
    Leader: Kaelyn Romey and Jasin Deegan– typically meets second Sunday of the month
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  • San Rafael (North Bay)
    Leaders: Brenna Foley and Tiana Baumsteiger – typically meets third Wednesday of the month
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  • Upper Peninsula (San Mateo)
    Leader: Rachel Chang (not currently active)
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  • Lower Peninsula (South Bay – Los Altos Hills)
    Leader: Kevin Eyres (Hoffman Teacher) and Brian Broome (Grad) – typically meets the third Sunday of the month, 3-5 pm
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Los Angeles
Currently there are 4–5 meetings per month in the greater LA area. You are welcome to attend any of these. When you join any one of these groups you will receive a monthly newsletter which includes meeting times and dates for all of the Los Angeles location Grad Groups:


  • Los Feliz/Silverlake
    Leaders: Maria Egan and Rossana Muraro Friedman – typically meets on Saturday morning
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  • Mid-City
    Leader: Rebekah Powell – typically meets on Thursday evening
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  • Santa Monica
    Leader: Jobi Manson – typically meets on Tuesday evening
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  • West LA
    Leader: Marni Battista – typically meets on Tuesday evening
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The following California groups are not included in the area newsletters:
Leader: Dana Scott
Join Hayfork Group
Orange County (Laguna Niguel)
Leader: Pari Mokhtari
Typically meets the second Thursday of the month
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Sacramento (Not currently active)
Leader: Brittany Busse
Starting late 2021
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San Diego
Leader: Andree Martin
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San Diego (North County)
Leaders: Jenn Beverage and Vicki Halsey
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Santa Barbara
Leaders: Jonathan Wygant and Ursula Lamberti
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Thousand Oaks
Leaders: Katia Bouvier
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Leaders: Marni Gauthier and Sam Placette
Typically meets last Monday of the month, 7:00–9:00 PM

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Leaders: Hannah Embree, David Duncan and Sarah Harrison

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Leader: Julie Blitzer

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Boca Raton
Leaders: Heidi McCarthy and Win Michaelsen
Typically meets first Thursday of the month

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Leader: Jonathan Kroner

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Leader: Mimi Carlin

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Leaders: Jim Lyle and Plamen Russev

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The Big Island
Leader: Jeanette Foster
Meets every other month on a Saturday

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Leaders: Danny Kim and Aubrey Yee

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Leader: Lee Gientke

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Leaders: Trish Swanson and Greta Huizenga
Monthly meeting in the Gold Coast

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Kansas City
Leaders: Susan Wickoren, Nathalie Marshall
Meets every third Wednesday of the Month

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Leader: Claus Radlberger

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Twin Cities
Leader: Jason-Aeric Huenecke
Meets monthly (Sep–May) on a Sunday

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New Mexico

Leaders: Zoe Cornwell, Kim Gusta & MaryJayne Rogers
Meets monthly

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New York

NYC Metro Area
Currently there are several meetings per month in the NYC Metropolitan Area. You are welcome to attend any of these. When you join this group you will receive a monthly newsletter which includes meeting times and dates for all of the NYC Area Grad Groups:

NYC Area
Leaders: Stephanie Jukes, Annie Libertalis and Jennifer Lythcott

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This group is not included in the monthly NYC Area newsletter:


Leaders: Marta Castelhano and Ricardo De Matos

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North Carolina


Leaders: L.T. Brady

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Leader: Tami Tack
Meets second Friday of the month

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Leaders: Amber Mincey and Mike Garbutt

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Leaders: Stephen Rose and Michael Rose
Meets quarterly

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Leader: Courtney Nyhuis
Meets 4th Sunday of every other month (Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct)/ meets 3rd Sunday of Dec.
All meetings: 3-5pm

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Dallas/Fort Worth
Leader: David Valaer
Meets last Wednesday of the month

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Leader: Beth Liebling

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San Antonio
Leader: Huw Edwards and Peggy Dial
Meets second Tuesday of the month (7-9 pm)
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Northern Virginia (Alexandria)
Leader: Ryan Compton
Typically meets 3rd Sunday of every month

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Leader: Sam Perlin
Meets third Wednesday of the month

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Leader: Deb Laurel

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Leader: Akiko Mega

United Arab Emirates

Leader: Zeina Mobassaleh

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