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Just in time for the holidays, we asked Hoffman staff and teachers to give us some words of gratitude. As we head into what is commonly known as “the silly season,” we wish Love and Light to everyone.

gratitudeJace Bandalin, Logistics Supervisor: I’m grateful for the ongoing health and well-being of my family.

Nancy Coleman, Development Associate: I’m grateful to work for Hoffman, a powerful stepping stone into the light for beings who then turn around and give their resources so others can follow. How much better could it get?

Jo Mattoon, Hoffman Teacher/Coach: I am grateful this year for my family, health, my awesome students, and not having to cook Thanksgiving dinner!

Christine Falcon-Daigle, Director of Registration/Enrollment: My Top Ten list of things I’m grateful for:

  1. Health & well-being
  2. Community
  3. Laughter/comic relief
  4. Being connected to my life’s purpose
  5. The support of my helpers/guides
  6. Nature (including animals)
  7. Music, story, the arts!
  8. My fully integrated Quadrinity
  9. ALL my tools/practices
  10. Getting to be a MOM

Ed McClune, Hoffman Teacher/Coach:

  • I am grateful my mother, who taught me that the presence of Spirit can be felt every day in the simplest moment, is still alive.
  • I’m so grateful that presence of Love/Spirit is felt and experienced whenever my wife walks into the room.
  • My sons, daughters-in-law, and grandkids.
  • Playing music with my bandmates.
  • The entire Hoffman community, since taking the Process in 1986 it’s been a true home and part of my Vision for my life.

Barbara Comstock, Hoffman Teacher/Coach: I am grateful for my courage to feel my way through this grieving, to ask for and accept support, to connect as intimately with others as I had been accustomed to with Jimmy. I am grateful for the harsh edges of grief that are reshaping me in ways I still don’t know, but trust. I am grateful to have lived with Jimmy for 31 years and to know that love is always supporting us.

Andy Milberg, Hoffman Teacher/Coach: I’m grateful for the Hoffman Process and being able to share it. I’m grateful for my family and home. I’m grateful for my health and LIFE!!!

Kate Mayer, Director of Finance:
I am grateful for the ability to change – for choice, and healing, and the endless opportunities to get up after I fall having learned something and knowing I have tools to get better and better.
SO grateful for belonging and support in friends, family, and this amazing and generous work environment.
SO humbled with prayers answered with each day I am blessed to have a daughter. Yes, even when she makes me pee when I sneeze, kicks a nerve that sends shooting pain down my leg, and wants to play “kung fu panda” while I have to do payroll and concentrate.
For Hoffman teachers and a personal path of growth I am committed to that has brought me more spaciousness and the start of some ease and peace after many years. Finally!!!

Barbara Burke, Hoffman Teacher: I am so grateful for having had the opportunity this past year to become part of the faculty and to be so warmly welcomed and supported by each member of this organization. I am truly blessed.

Vedi Kaori Ikezoe, Finance Administrator: I am grateful for being alive and surrounded by friends and families who love me and let me love them.

John Zoellick, Retreat Site Manager: I am so grateful to be working at an organization where I feel so appreciated by the entire HIF staff, Teachers, and WSS staff in this amazing work that we do! I also am so grateful for each week that there is a Process seeing a new group of students arrive in whatever state they are in and then to watch as the week unfolds their transformation. The culmination of this appreciation for me is on Thursday night being in the classroom for the COI and listening to each of their reintroduction to the class and to the world of what they got from the Process and of their intention moving forward. I’m also grateful of every day that I work appreciating this amazing place, WSS, with all of its peculiarities and nuances where we get to do this work. I’m grateful for my awesome drive from Petaluma through the beautiful Napa Valley or over the Mayacamas Mountains to get to our amazing destination. I am grateful for my relationship and partnership with Liza. I’m so appreciative and grateful for the incredible staff that I get to be the leader of at WSS and for how they rise to be supportive of all that we do. There is probably so much more but for now I’ll just be grateful for the opportunity to reflect on all of things that I am grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Deb Bethany, Admin/Travel Coordinator/Faculty Support: There are so many things to be grateful this year: I am grateful for my good health, my kind and funny husband, my loving family and friends, the beautiful place that I live, the wonderful people that I work with, and, I now have a greater appreciation for electricity. The thing that I am most grateful for is that I am on my way to becoming a grandmother! The thought of this brings me great joy and happiness!

Shawn McAndrew, Communications Manager: I am so grateful for the awareness that I have in my life. I am also grateful for this magnificent community of Hoffman grads who help to make the world a better place.

Eric Payan, Maintenance Manager: I am so thankful to be a part of a team that helps so many people in such a chaotic world. The love that emanates from the transformation of the students that go through here really just inspires me to continue the never-ending beautiful work of maintaining and improving the site. It’s all worth it. All that has been done here has rewarded my life with a solid purpose. I will always be thankful for this work at the Hoffman Process.

Kerry Jurgens, Assistant to Hoffman CEO/HR Administrator: I am grateful for the courageousness of people who stand for the power of love and mindfulness.

Amy Thompson, Hoffman Teacher: Today I am grateful for authentic connection – connection to family, friends, colleagues, and to my own vivacious Spiritual Self!

Lisa Wenger, Hoffman Teacher/Coach: I am grateful for the intensity and beauty of autumn colors; the opportunity to teach and thus share my Spirit with others; the strength and good health of my body.

Robin Taylor, Enrollment Counselor & East Bay Grad Group Facilitator: I am grateful for our beautiful retreat site. When I practice gratitude, it is like the shades being drawn open in the room of my heart right at sunrise.

Phoebe Harding, Program Registrar: I’m immensely grateful that my mother is still alive, and that we both have the desire to heal from our past and grow closer in the future.

Marissa Ingrasci, Hoffman Teacher/Coach, Graduate Relations Coordinator: I am grateful for my family, friends, community, light, and love.

Max Gaenslen, Hoffman Teacher/Coach: I am profoundly grateful for the human capacity to heal and grow, and for the amazing people in my life, including the entire Hoffman community that I am so blessed to do Light work with.

Drew Horning, Hoffman Teacher/Coach: I’m grateful for three generations being together and the chance for my parents to continue to be with and get to know my children and for my kids to experience their grandparents. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to teach the Hoffman Process and to grow and learn in “practicing what I preach.”

Perry Dorsey, Front Desk/Process Support: My cup overflows with love and gratitude for the whole Hoffman family this holiday season. I am grateful to be a part of an organization that exemplifies how compassion, love, and support for one another truly makes the world a better place.

María Cámara Serrano, Hoffman Teacher/Coach: I’m grateful for working in something I love, surrounded by a loving community with exceptional guides who lead me all the way. I’m grateful to feel that I can add my piece to make this world a better place to live in. I’m grateful for being born into an amazing family that has taught me values in a society that has offered me many opportunities, and living in a country where my needs are more than fulfilled.

Freddie Camozzi, Marketing Manager: This has been a year of “wonder” as in, I wonder what else can go wrong!I am grateful that 2019 is almost over and I have high hopes for the prediction from Treacy (the tarot card read at the Hoffman Picnic) that 2020 would be a fabulous year. Needless to say, I am grateful for all the beauty and what’s right in the world! Cheers to 2020!

Jason Beegle, Enrollment Counselor: I am grateful for my connection to Spirit and the abundance of love that has come into my life as a result of the Hoffman Process. I am deeply grateful to be part of an organization that offers its participants the ability to find deep self-love and connection to their hearts. I am grateful to have the honor to support students approaching the work.

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  • Chris Sansone


    12/05/19 at 3:36 PM

    I am so deeply gratfeful for and inspired by the sentiments here. Wow!

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