Having Hope

By Shawn McAndrew

At the Hoffman Institute, our focus is on change. But to get to that change, we need a good dose of having hope.

Lately I’ve been thinking about hope in the [...]


Identifying Fears

identifying fear


Now Is the Time …

By Roxanne Joffe

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn [...]


My Virtual Graduate Intensive Experience

By Danny Kim

When I took the Process back in October 2018, my life was a hot mess. Riddled with feelings of shame and guilt, I entered the Process unable to fully grasp what I was [...]


Memorial Day Reflections

By Freddie Camozzi

According to Google (the new Millenia’s “encyclopedia“), we observe Memorial Day in the United States the last Monday of May. Formerly [...]


The Only Constant in Life Is Change

By Shawn McAndrew

When Greek philosopher Heraclitus uttered these words in the 500 BCEs, I’m sure he could never have foretold how meaningful it would be today.

When our [...]


No Birdsong

By Kara Noble

no birdsong


What Are You Feeling?

By Shawn McAndrew

Every morning during the Process, your teacher asked you, What are you feeling?” This was a specific question, and answers such as “Fine,” [...]


My Heart to Your Heart

By Wendy Swanson

my heart to [...]</p></div>        
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