Finding Your Passion & Purpose

How do you go about finding your passion? What can you do to further your purpose in life?


Emotional Freedom

By Shawn McAndrew

The first step to emotional freedom is awareness. Without awareness, emotional freedom is just a dream floating on the horizon. But, let me back up a minute – what is [...]


My Journey from Head to Heart

By Keri Clarke



Parenting Yourself

– Taking responsibility for your life

By Shawn McAndrew

Why do people come to the Process? There are as many reasons for this as there are participants. But one thing is [...]


What Our World Needs Now

By Julie Daley

“Have compassion for everyone you meet even if they don’t want it. What seems conceit, bad manners, or cynicism is always a sign of things no ears have heard, no eyes [...]


Resilience & Inspiration

Where do you find inspiration? Where do you find the willingness to face life’s challenges and the drive to overcome them? Whatever gets you through the day, there may be an underlying dose of [...]


Gotta Have Faith

“Let your faith be bigger than your fear.”

By Shawn McAndrew

I keep seeing this quote on social media. It seems simple enough. But, when we are facing our fears, they [...]