Appreciation & Gratitude

By Shawn McAndrew

In the mid-1990s, someone gave me a journal. Maybe they gave it to me because I am a writer, and they thought I could do something with it. Feeling stumped, I soon [...]


Inner Guidance: Spirit-Guided Visioning

By Shawn McAndrew

You may have heard or read the famous quote by Mary Oliver, “Tell me, [...]


Hoffman Essentials

By Andy Milberg


My Breakthrough Weekend

Dan Hoffe


Quad Checks and Self-Trust

self-trust Gary Shunk

Love Letter from White Sulphur Springs

By Jace Bandalin

Once I’ve made my way across the winding backroads of Saint Helena, through the twisting forest trees and past the shops on Main [...]


My Three Least-Favorite Words

“I need help.”

By Andy Milberg

I’ve really hated admitting that to myself in the past.

It meant there was something wrong [...]


My Heart Opened My Mind

My heart opened my mind and my mind opened to the universe…

By Roxanne Joffe

I was floating in the COVID bubble for several months, insisting that I was a poster [...]


Quadrinity Care During COVID-19

By Tami Tack

Like most everyone, I have found it challenging to maintain a sense of well-being during this extended time of COVID-19. With the added global awakening to the systemic [...]



By Dan Hoffe
I realize now,
That I’ve lived most of my life,
Trying my best,
To cover up,
And hide my inner light,
To never let anyone see inside,
To [...]