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Debby Irving

“It takes a lot of skill to be a human being.” Debby Irving is a racial justice educator and the author of Waking Up White. In this episode, Debby shares the power of the Hoffman Process and how it can change the trajectory of your life. Halfway through the Process, Debby had a recurring vision in which she saw how much love she has in her heart for others and how this love was meant to be shared with the world.

After leaving the Process, Debby’s vision began to guide her life. She started graduate school and enrolled in a Racial and Cultural Identities course. With all of the ‘big-hearted-ness’ she’d found at the Process, she opened to a new understanding of white identity, oppression, and racial injustice. Her heart grew heavy with this understanding. Upon leaving school, Debby knew she must heal the heaviness in her heart. In response, she dove into the work of anti-racism and activism.

Debby travels the country, leading workshops and presentations. She explores the impact white skin can have on perception. And, she guides people on how to help themselves and others change misconceptions and attitudes. Debby shares her journey of seeing the world through her own white-skewed belief system. She then shares how she questioned the racial disparities she could see and feel.

Discover more about Debby and her work here.