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Renda Baird, podcast guestIn this episode, Renda Baird shares stories of her Process and her life in Minneapolis during a time of great unrest. She also shares stories of her magical childhood growing up on a farm. Renda speaks of the many patterns she took on as a child that kept her from knowing who she is and what her true purpose is. In Renda’s words, post-Process, “I’ve finally put ‘My Who’ and ‘My Do’ together. I’m not carrying shame around who I really am, what I stand for, and why it matters.”

Renda shares her experience of mothering her beautiful adopted son and what it’s like living as a family in Minneapolis during this time of protest and grief. Before the Process, Renda had a hard time acknowledging her feelings, let alone grief. Now, she can be present with all that is happening in her town for herself and her son so she can speak up for what she values and what matters to her.

Renda wants to share with graduates that “shining our light is what we are here to do.”