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Episode 8: Jobi Manson

Jobi Manson, artist, explorer, and founder of a water healing practice called, Sēfari. She believes that “nature is the key to a creative life” and helps guide people into their creative expression through water immersion.

Jobi had a powerful realization during the Hoffman Process. Listen in as she shares how what she realized now lives in her life today.

Jobi grew up along the banks of the Chesapeake Bay, on the eastern shores of Maryland. She learned how to swim before she could walk. She spent countless hours wandering beaches, collecting only green rocks (her favorite color), and listening to the sounds of moving water.

For Jobi, water is the most powerful and essential element within all forms of life, one that helps us feel and move our emotions with ease. You can read more about Jobi and her work here.