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Stanley Stefancic, Retired Hoffman teacherWelcome to Season Two!

We are thrilled to open with Stan Stefancic, retired Hoffman teacher and former Director of Special Projects for the Institute. Stan shares his stories of the Process (including working with Bob Hoffman), as well as his life’s work in helping to create a more socially just and caring world. For Stan, “the Hoffman Process was a life-changing experience. I made many profound discoveries. I also encountered my Spiritual Self, and my own intrinsic worth and value. This meant that I could enjoy what I was doing for its own sake rather than proving through achievement that I was lovable.

Stan initially studied Civil Engineering while working as a bricklayer/stonemason apprentice. Upon completion of his apprenticeship, he changed direction, earning a BA in English and American Literature. Stan became active in politics and social change in college. He then earned an M.Div. degree at Harvard Divinity School.

While studying for a Ph.D., he began working with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and met Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King inspired Stan to leave his graduate study and become a Unitarian Universalist Minister. He became deeply involved with the Civil Rights Movement and participated in meaningful social and political change. A minister for more than 40 years, Stan has served churches in six states. He served on many nonprofit Boards, including Common Cause, ACLU, and Planned Parenthood. Stan has also served as a citizen lobbyist focusing on Campaign Finance Reform and ethics and conflict of interest legislation. Stan was honored as Citizen Activist of the Year in 1998 for his contributions to the passage of a Citizen’s Initiative resulting in Arizona being one of four states to pass Public Funding of all elected State Officials.

Bob & Stan
Bob Hoffman & Stan Stefancic in 1986

A Major Life Turning Point

A major turning point in Stan’s life occurred when he participated in the Hoffman Process. He had recently resigned his position as Senior Minister after five tumultuous years and was trying to determine what to do next. Then a friend introduced him to Bob Hoffman, who invited him to experience the first 8-day residential Process and become Vice-president of the Institute. Immediately after completing the Process, Stan also began training as a Teacher.

After teaching and training teachers for six years in the USA, Europe, and Australia, Stan left the Institute for a time to pursue other interests. He was a business consultant and did “crisis interventions” with churches where he was able to heal the wounds, repair the organizations, and stimulate growth. “I could not have been successful in those crisis situations had I not done the Process and learned how to stay present, authentic, focused, and deal with transference and projections.”

Stan rejoined the Institute in 2000 as Director of Special Projects and Process teacher. He retired in 2011. Presently, he is writing a Memoir. Stan and his wife Marianne, who is a psychotherapist, live in San Rafael, CA.