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Marni Battista, Dating With DignityMarni Battista is a dating and relationship coach and the author of Becoming Irresistible. How did she get into this line of work? Marni shares that her patterns, the way she was raised, and the way she experienced love, came together to create, what she calls, “a bad picker” when it comes to finding love. She came to the Hoffman Process because she did not want to pass these patterns on to her three daughters.

Years later, Marni founded Dating With Dignity and the Institute for Living Courageously. Marni discovered that while people initially want to find dignity in dating, what it is really about is finding self-love. This requires, living courageously.

More about Marni Battista

Marni Battista is a certified professional Dating and Relationship Coach and Expert, writer, and nationally recognized print and online magazine expert. In her words, she’s “the queen of making her clients irresistible to men in today’s dating environment.” You can find out more about Marni, here.