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Ed McClune, beloved Hoffman Process teacher and coach since, the ’80s, is our guest today. As Ed and Drew share at the end, this conversation is a good Hoffman geek-out.* Even though they geek out over all things Hoffman, Ed’s whole Quadrinity* shows up in this one. His love shines through as he speaks about the Process, and about how those who come to do this deeply transformational work are courageous heroes.

Ed also shares a bit about how the Process now appears in his everyday life. He speaks to the reason he feels we come to this life – to enjoy life in a human body. Ed calls this the sensuality of spirituality. An entire swath of experience has been denied to us because of our patterns; the Process opens us back up to a truly luscious embodied life.


Ed McClune Bob Hoffman
Ed & Bob Hoffman

Ed holds a Master’s degree in counseling psychology from the University of San Francisco and is a licensed marriage and family therapist.

What Ed likes about teaching the Process is: “Over and over again, through the years of teaching the Hoffman Process, I get to be present as people come into a greater experience of the Light that has always lived ‘far inside’ them.”

“The summation of all the gifts of the Process comes down to self-love and self-compassion. I don’t need to be different, more refined, or successful to be lovable. The Light is the Light, and Ed is Ed. Falling down isn’t evidence that there’s something wrong with me, only evidence that I’m still alive.”

Ed is the father of two sons and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.


* Geek outto become excited or enthusiastic about a favored subject or activity. First known use of geek out: circa 1990

* Quadrinity:  “I coined the word Quadrinity to represent the four aspects of a human being: the Emotional, Intellectual, Physical and Spiritual. The unique capacities and functions of each aspect can be considered separately, but it is the balance of all aspects working together harmoniously that fulfills us as human beings.” – Bob Hoffman

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