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Hope EdelmanHope Edelman, a 2015 graduate, credits the Hoffman Process with changing the course of her life. She’s traversed much heartache and loss in her life and she’s been a guiding light to many others who have traversed the same.

As Hope shares the tale of her life journey, you can’t help but see the throughline of her life. When Hope was seventeen her mother passed away. After that day, Hope had always sensed that part of her was stuck back at that point. During a transformational moment at the Process, she took the hand of her seventeen-year-old self and walked her into the future so she could be an integrated adult.

One of the beautiful statements Hope makes about her life is her shift from wanting to be exceptional to wanting to be helpful. In guiding others through the landscape of loss, Hope has greatly expanded the reach of her love’s everyday radius.

As Hope shares what she’s up to now, she shares with us the power of the liminal* space. When we are between what has ended and what has yet to begin, between what we knew and what we are yet to know, we are more our essential selves than at any other time. Rather than fear these times, we can come to see how alive and vital we are in them.


Hope Edelman has been writing, speaking, and leading retreats and workshops in the bereavement field for more than 25 years. She was 17 when she lost her mother to breast cancer and 40 when her father died, an event that inspired her to offer grief education and support to those who need it now and especially those who did not receive it in the past.

Hope’s first book, Motherless Daughters, became a #1 New York Times Bestseller. Her newest book, The AfterGrief, offers an innovative new way to talk about the long arc of loss. She has written six additional books, including Motherless Mothers and the memoir, The Possibility of Everything. Hope holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and a graduate degree in nonfiction writing from The University of Iowa. She is a certified Martha Beck Life Coach who helps clients revisit and revise their life stories.

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