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Hilary Illick Hoffman PodcastBeloved Hoffman teacher and coach, Hilary Illick, is our guest this week. On the first night of her Process in 2000, Hilary experienced a life-changing moment as she first put her bat to the pillow. In those first few moments of bashing, she found permission to feel her emotions and use her voice and body to release in a way she’d longed to. She felt euphoric when done. The Process gave her the permission she’d been waiting for her whole life to no longer constrain her vibrant, vital Spirit. The next morning, Hilary realized she wanted to become a Hoffman Process teacher. Eight years later, her vision became a reality.

The main thread throughout this conversation is how healing brings us the ability and opportunity to accept our imperfections. It’s a vitally important point. The Process doesn’t fix. The Process heals. As Hilary says, “We come to be healed and in that healing, we accept that we’re imperfect, and then we’re less defensive about our imperfections.”

Hilary feels deeply that healing work must be available to all. She raises an important question: “Who gets to do this expensive healing work?” She acknowledges that it is a privilege to be able to take time off of work and go away to heal oneself. It’s something that she would love to see available to all.

More About Hilary Illick

Hilary completed the Hoffman Process in 2000. She then became a Hoffman graduate group facilitator in 2001. In 2008, her vision became reality when she was certified as a Hoffman Process teacher.  Over her years as a Hoffman teacher, Hilary has contributed to the development of many Hoffman programs, including being a member of the Rejuvenation Team in 2013. She is currently a Supervising teacher of the Hoffman Process.

Hilary is the mother of four young adults and a new grandmother to twin boys. She and her partner Pierre Valette are dual citizens of the U.S. and France. They raised their children in the international school system.  Hilary is deeply proud of and moved by her children’s paths of contribution, as they pursue careers in social work, social justice, and sustainability initiatives.  Her home base is in the Boston area. She has a private practice as a life coach, executive coach, and personal transformation facilitator.

Hilary received her BA in Philosophy from Stanford University. Her MFA in creative writing is from San Francisco State University (SFSU). Hilary trained as a life coach through Coaches Training Institute (CTI). She is certified through the International Coach Federation (ICF).

As Mentioned in the Episode

The off-broadway play Hilary co-wrote:
Venus De Minivan -> EVE-olution

From Hilary’s site: “This two-woman play was originally entitled Venus De Minivan, starring the authors themselves, Illick and Krier, in Cambridge, MA. Performed for sold-out audiences, Venus De Minivan was 100% autobiographical. Published by DPS as “EVE-olution,” the play appeared off-Broadway at The Cherry Lane Theater.  Illick and Krier made an appearance on NBC’s Today Show airing of ‘Come Back Moms.’”

You can purchase the published play in paperback here.

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron