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Serena Gordon Hoffman UK leaning against a wallWe are fortunate to have Serena Gordon on Love’s Everyday Radius. Serena has dedicated herself to bringing the powerful healing work of the Hoffman Process to the world since 1995. A friend of Bob Hoffman, the Hoffman UK Managing Director and Co-Founder, and a Process Teacher, Serena offers us some profound insights about the Process.

At the young age of five, Serena lost trust in her parents. “I used to carry my own little suitcase with an A-Z map of London in case I got lost and I could find my own way home.” She tells us that she “fought for that little girl” during her own Process.

Serena shares that the Process allows for you to “bring all the boxes of your past out into the open and have people around you as you open the boxes. And sort through the treasures that you love and will hold onto until you are an old person or the ones that actually fill you with sadness or loss or anger or frustration – whatever it is – and allow the Process tools to help you let go of those.”

The power and simplicity of the Process can reach people from many different cultures. Teachers from Hoffman UK have taught the Process in Ireland, South Africa, and the Middle East with great success. Serena shares this is a testament to the power and simplicity of the Process itself.


Serena Gordon in EnglandSerena Gordon formally trained as an actress at the UK’s prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. After graduating, she enjoyed a successful career as a stage and screen actress. You might recognize her from her role in the James Bond film, Goldeneye.
Along with her ex-husband, Hoffman teacher Tim Laurence, Serena brought Hoffman to the UK from California in 1995. At the time, the British attitude towards therapy and personal development was a lot less accepting than it is today. Hoffman UK is now recognized as one of the UK’s leading personal development providers.
In her personal time, Serena enjoys time with family and friends. She loves to ground in nature in the English countryside in her downtime.