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Through her company, LSTN, Bridget Hilton has helped over 50,000 people hear for the first time! Listen in to hear how following what you naturally love can serve the world in amazing ways.

In this illuminating episode, Bridget and Liz converse about the power of listening, the dance between music and Spirit, and healing the pain of the past through the Hoffman Process.

From childhood, two things have captivated Bridget Hilton: music and the idea of starting her own company. Amazingly, these two things have guided her life of social entrepreneurship.

Music is central to Bridget’s experience in many ways. One of her pivotal moments at the Process was during the exercise where the song, In the Living Years, is played. In hearing those lyrics, everything broke open for Bridget.

More about Bridget Hilton:

Bridget Hilton is a social entrepreneur who creates purpose-driven brands. In 2012, she started LSTN as the world’s first social-good electronics company. Since its inception, LSTN has sold millions of eco-friendly headphones and speakers. Through their partnership with Starkey Hearing Foundation, LSTN has helped over 50,000 people hear for the first time. Working on the ground in places such as Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Peru, Sri Lanka, Mexico, China, Indonesia, and the U.S. Access to hearing aids has improved the lives of these individuals, their families, and communities. This, in turn, has since created a positive ripple effect with millions of people around the world.

Bridget is the author of Experiential Billionaire: Build a Life Rich in Experiences and Die With No Regrets. She has received both Forbes and Inc. Magazine’s 30 Under 30 awards. Bridget has been interviewed on the Today Show, Good Morning America, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and more. She sits on advisory boards at UCLA and UCSB.

Bridget grew up in Flint, MI. She now lives in Malibu, CA, and is an avid reader, home chef, and adventure junkie. Bridget and a Goldendoodle named Taco are best friends.

You can find out more about Bridget here and on Instagram.

As mentioned in this episode:

Hoffman Essentials:
The Hoffman Essentials is a 2-day virtual intensive, experiential program where students are immersed in the essential concepts of the Hoffman Process.

Conscious Capitalism:
Whole Foods co-founder John Mackey and marketing professor and speaker Raj Sisodia conceived of and popularized the concept of conscious capitalism in their book, Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business. The nonprofit organization, Conscious Capitalism, has chapters in more than two dozen U.S. cities and 10 other countries.

Social Enterprise:
“A social enterprise or social business is defined as a business with specific social objectives that serve its primary purpose.” – definition from Investopedia.


Bridget Hilton podcast episode - Sloan hearing herself for the first time.
Sloan Churman hears herself for the first time.
In the Living Years
In the Living Years by Mike and the Mechanics