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Scooter Braun
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We begin season five with Scott “Scooter” Braun. You might know him as Scooter Braun, one of the most prolific entrepreneurs and innovators in entertainment, music, tech, and beyond. Yet, during the Hoffman Process, Scooter reclaimed himself as Scott, the young boy he once was and the person he has always been. 

Scooter shares that both sides of his familial line experienced great trauma and struggles. He was aware enough to know that his life as a child was good. Through the Process, he came to realize that he felt guilt for having struggles because his paled in comparison to those his parents and grandparents experienced. Through the Process, Scott was able to heal the pain of his past, understanding that we all face human trauma and challenges. Sharing about his upbringing, his loving parents, and what he learned through his Process, Scott cogently shines a light on the Path to Personal Freedom and Love.

One beautiful thing Scott offers to us in this episode is the understanding that once we do the deep healing work of childhood, we can then step forward to discover who we really are, now, in the present day. From this present moment, we can continue to reclaim more and more of who we truly are.

Scott recommends the Process to many of those he knows. When people remark about how much he has changed and want to know how this happened, he suggests they attend.

More about Scooter Braun:

Scooter Braun is one of the most prolific entrepreneurs and innovators in entertainment, music, tech, and beyond. Braun is the Founder and Chairman of Ithaca Holdings LLC., now a part of the HYBE America portfolio, a wholly owned subsidiary of HYBE, a South Korean entertainment lifestyle platform company. Braun is CEO and board member of HYBE. Ithaca Holdings LLC. is a fully integrated holding company, which invests in some of the largest management, media, and rights companies in the industry. Ithaca Holdings LLC has built an elite portfolio of acquisitions and partnerships including Big Machine Label Group, Mythos Studios, unscripted content studio GoodStory Entertainment and Atlas Publishing, among others. chine Label Group, Mythos Studios, unscripted content studio GoodStory Entertainment, and Atlas Publishing, among others. In addition, Braun is co-founder and partner of TQ Ventures, a leading investment firm focused on early-stage and growth-stage companies.

Braun is also the Founder of SB Projects, a diversified entertainment, and media company with ventures at the intersection of music, film, technology, brands, culture, and social good. In addition to managing a robust roster of some of the biggest names in entertainment, including Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, J Balvin, Idina Menzel, Ashley Graham, and Tori Kelly, SB Projects has grown its film and television division to include a prolific slate of projects including the FX Network’s most-watched comedy series “Dave,” YouTube’s record-breaking docuseries “Justin Bieber: Seasons,” CBS’s “Scorpion,” Ariana Grande feature documentary “Excuse Me, I Love You” with Netflix, “Never Say Never,” which remains the highest grossing music documentary in domestic box-office history and most recently, YouTube’s critically acclaimed four-part docuseries “Demi Lovato: Dancing With The Devil.”  The company also has a multitude of projects in active development.

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From the Tao Te Ching:
“What is a good man but a bad man’s teacher? What is a bad man but a good man’s job?”

Rejection is God’s protection:” Sometimes the moment that hurts deeply we find out later was a moment that was made for us.

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