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Jack Rafferty Hoffman PodcastJust five months ago, Jack Rafferty did the Hoffman Process, graduating only weeks shy of his 91st birthday. Jack shows us that you’re never too old to do the Process. Listen in to hear this beautiful sharing of love, friendship, and what it means to be real with each other.

Over the last 50 years, while Jack had done a lot of work on himself but procrastinated on coming to the Process.  Eventually, he felt the call to go and jumped in. Jack felt he was in really good shape but thought he might tweak some things while he was there. As he shares, though, that idea went out the window in the first minutes of the Process. Jack now says the Process changed his life and that he is a different person for having done it.

Jack speaks to living in a posture of love and how the Hoffman Process helped him deepen his capacity for awareness, vulnerability, and even more love. This phrase, the Posture of Love, describes the work Jack has been involved with over the many decades of his career. We hope you enjoy this beautiful conversation with Jack and Drew.

More about Jack Rafferty:

As an innovator with forty-two years of experience as a relationship guide and course facilitator, Jack has developed simple techniques that are easy to understand and put into practice. He has worked with thousands of people who have an interest in creating more conscious, fulfilling relationships.

Jack’s mission has been to expand the horizons of this knowledge.

In 1971 Jack was one of the founders of est, a preeminent organization in the human potential movement. In 1980, Jack turned his focus to relationships. Through years of research, presenting courses, and coaching, he has developed a unique approach that produces results that make a difference in people’s lives. Jack has taught his course, The Art of Relating, for 42 years. Now, together with a fellow Hoffman graduate, he is offering a new course, Born to Love.

As mentioned in this episode:

Psycho-Cybernetics, by Matthew Maltz.

Loneliness and Health:
Jack and Drew talk about the importance of having lasting, deep friends. Drew mentions how loneliness can be deadly, but connection creates longevity. Read more about the correlation between loneliness and health at Nature, the CDC, and the Campaign to End Loneliness.

Creating Deep Friendships:
An abundance of articles can be found on how to create deep friendships. Here are a few:
Tiny Buddha: 7 Ways to Form Deep Meaningful Friendships
The Atlantic: The Best Friends Can do Nothing For You
NYTimes: How to Have Closer Friends (and Why You Need Them)

Charles “Raz” Ingrasci, Hoffman teacher and Founder of the Hoffman Institute Foundation

Liza Ingrasci, CEO of the Hoffman Institute Foundation, has been with the Hoffman Institute since 1990.

Hoffman Scholarships:
The Hoffman Institute provides over $400,000 in scholarships annually, with over 22% of Hoffman graduates being scholarship recipients.
You can apply for a scholarship here and donate to the scholarship fund here.