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Frankie Olivieri Hoffman Podcast
Frankie Olivieri

Frankie Olivieri is a third-generation Italian-American and third-generation owner of historical Pat’s King of Steaks. Listen in as Frankie and Drew talk about family history and doing the Hoffman Process.

People come to the Process when they are serious about change and Frankie is no exception. He believes in the importance of wanting to better oneself and the power of surrounding oneself with those who want to do that, too. In the Process, Frankie saw that his life could take two very different paths. In his work through the Process, Frankie chose, and continues to choose, the Right Road, the road of compassion and taking responsibility for one’s life. This is the life he wants to embrace.

Frankie also shares with us the fascinating family history behind the birth of the Philly Steak and Cheese Steak Sandwiches and his famous restaurant.

More about Frankie Olivieri:

Pat’s King of Steaks was established in 1930 by Pat Olivieri. A humble hotdog vendor who wanted something different for lunch, Pat Olivieri made a sandwich of chopped steak and onions on a crusty roll. When a cab driver said he wanted to give it a try, Pat gave him half of his sandwich. The cab driver loved it and the Philly Steak sandwich was born in South Philadelphia.

Frankie Olivieri and Barack Obama
President Obama orders a Philly Steak Sandwich from Frankie.

Over 90 years old, Frankie’s Great Uncle Pat’s legacy lives on in Pat’s King of Steaks. This famous restaurant has been owned and operated by the original Olivieri family since its inception. Frankie E. Olivieri is the current owner of Pat’s King of Steaks.

After graduating from Friends Select School in 1982, Frank was accepted to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. He was ready to follow his dreams of a culinary degree and four years in Paris, but he got sidetracked. Frankie went on to manage his family’s business. With still unfulfilled dreams of being a Chef, Frankie enrolled in The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College. There, he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts and Sciences.

Next time you’re in Philadelphia, stop by Pat’s King of Steaks, 1237 E. Passyunk Ave (at 9th & Wharton Sts), and say Hi to Frankie!

As mentioned in this episode:

Pat Olivieri: Along with his brother, Harry Olivieri, Pat Olivieri created the Philly cheesesteak. The brothers opened Pat’s King of Steaks in 1930. Pat Olivieri died in 1970. Harry’s grandson Frank Jr. (Frankie!) now runs the business.

The 1st Rocky Movie and the Orange Toss:
When Rocky runs through the Italian Market, one of the vendors tosses Rocky an orange. This was a completely spontaneous moment. Read more about it here.

World Famous Italian market, continuously running for 127 years.

Quaker School, Friends Select, est. 1869

Frankie and his wife Nancy
Frankie and his wife Nancy

The Hoffman High:
Spending seven days in the Hoffman Process is quite powerful. There are no phones and there is no driving in cars. Guided by teachers, you’re engaged in many immersive, outdoor, and deep experiences that can change your nervous system.  By the last day, the physical, emotional, and spiritual effects of the work have an impact. Often, the result is the sense of a peak experience.  While that Hoffman high realistically cannot last forever, it does provide the impetus to continue the work once you leave the Process.

Post-Process weekend:
Participants often feel very different after completing their Process, almost like a new self who is inhabiting a new life. In order to orient and synthesize everything you have experienced and learned, we strongly recommend taking the weekend for yourself as a time for quiet integration.

Hoffman Process tools: Recycling/Pre-cycling

The Q2 Intensive Retreat:
In the Q2: Beyond Mom & Dad, we meet you where you are today. The Q2 is all about your current life, looking at and transforming the challenges that hold you back from what you want now. We’ll also look at what’s in the way of being fully alive and living your vision.