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Devi Cavitt Razo Hoffman Podcast
Devi Cavitt Razo

Hoffman Grad and former Hoffman teacher, Devi Cavitt Razo, did the Hoffman Process in 1996. She went on to teach the Process for 17 years. During her time at Hoffman, Devi also served as Process and Faculty Director, VP, and Director of Teacher Training.

In this episode, Devi shares a pivotal moment from her Process. It was a particularly difficult day during her time there. Devi noticed that she wasn’t crying nearly as much as her Process mates. They all seemed to be shedding many tears. Then, later that day, Devi fell to her knees weeping deeply as she realized how much she wanted things to be different in her life and how much she loved her parents. This was a huge breakthrough for her as she realized that our feelings don’t come when we think they should. Rather, if we stay open with the intention to heal, things move and change in their own time.

How did she first hear about the Process? Upon leaving the Process, Devi’s friend came to visit her to tell her she just had to do the Process. Hearing this, Devi immediately knew it was right for her and signed up. During her Process, it became clear to Devi that she was meant to teach the Process.

Fast forward about 20 years later, although Devi was happy and felt fulfilled in this work, she began to hear the small voice within telling her there was something new on the horizon. The only thing was – she loved her work teaching the Process. How do we decide to go when we love something so much? That’s a question so many of us ask at least once in our lives.

Devi did indeed follow her inner voice to set out to create something brand new. Listen in as Devi shares how she views change and our relationship with it. Although we often fear change and the unknown it brings, with self-trust, self-knowledge, and support from others, we can step out into action on the path to our vision.

More about Devi Cavitt Razo:

Devi Cavitt Razo
Devi Cavitt Razo

Devi Cavitt Razo is the president and co-founder of Aurum Leadership. An international consulting, training, and coaching firm, Aurum is focused on bringing greater aliveness, human connection, and creativity to organizations, teams, and leaders. Devi’s work spans the globe, from the US to Europe and Asia, with offices in California and the Netherlands. Devi created Aurum to bring to life her vision of leaders, organizations, and teams where trust, respect, and relationality are the norms. Her vision to create Aurum grew during her 17 years as a Hoffman Teacher. 

Devi holds degrees in psychology and organizational systems. She has a passion for doing transformative work with mission-driven groups, teams, and organizations, starting with the leaders. Devi’s worked with leaders and organizations from around the world, ranging from tech startups to global accounting firms to non-profits, to spiritual communities. Her work is dedicated to creating organizations where both mission and humans can thrive. 

Devi lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and three beloved stepdaughters. When she’s not traveling, facilitating, envisioning, and creating, you will find her hiking in the redwoods of Northern California. You can learn more about Devi on LinkedIn. Learn more about Aurum on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. Learn about Aurum’s EoS – Essentials of Self: A Breakthrough Training for Leaders.

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