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Andy Milberg, beloved Hoffman teacher and coach, has been teaching the Hoffman Process since August 1991. Bob Hoffman taught in Andy’s Process and trained Andy to become a teacher.

Andy tells us it is a privilege and an honor to stand beside students who are committed to making a lasting change in their lives. As he says, “They’ve made a serious commitment in preparing for the Process.” He goes on to add that most of the time people get “more than they even know they want” from the Process.

While the Hoffman Process is deeply grounded in science, something we know from scientific studies, the spiritual part of the Process can be difficult to define. Andy shares that the structure of the Process supports things to happen that he cannot explain or understand. The Process structure also supports him as a teacher to show up in a way that he can neither strategize nor plan for. Andy calls it the “magic of the moment.” This magic, mystery, and the miraculous go hand in hand with science to produce the amazing results we experience during the Process.

In the late ’90s, Andy wrote a portion of the Process that happens at the very end as we say goodbye to those we’ve become so close with. He refers to it as, “I Am, We Are.”

Listen to this beautiful conversation with Andy and Drew to learn more about what it’s been like for Andy to teach the Process.

More about Andy Milberg:

Andy did the Hoffman Process in July of 1990. He was immediately inspired to become a teacher, completing his training in August of 1991.

“Although I had done a lot of personal growth work before”, he says, “the Process went deeper in so many ways, showing me my blind spots and then teaching me how to move beyond them into my authenticity. It was an amazing gift I wanted to share with others, and still do, 32 years later.”

Four years ago, Andy moved from California to Ajijic, Mexico, with his wife and dog. He commutes to teach several times a year, while also coaching and leading online courses. Andy is a writer and has written his first book, Inspiration for Writers Who Don’t Write, and Want To.

As mentioned in this episode:

Ajijic, Mexico: A small town on the north shore of Lake Chapala, just 35 miles (56 km) south of Guadalajara.

Bob Hoffman was the founder of the Hoffman Process. Andy describes Bob’s teaching style as “fearless and totally committed to helping people get free of their patterning.” Bob’s mission was “Peace on Earth, one person at a time.” Learn more about Bob here.

Introversion and Extroversion: Andy speaks of being an Introvert at his core, but having had patterns of extroversion.

Johanina Wikoff, Ph.D.

The Dark Side: Andy describes the Dark Side as “the energy system of all the patterns that takes us back to the past, and doesn’t change, learn, or grow.

Kani Comstock, Retired Hoffman Teacher: Kani taught the Process for many years after training directly with Bob Hoffman. She co-authored Journey Into Love, a book about the Hoffman Process, with Marisa Thame