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Jeff Snipes’ experience, during the Hoffman Process and after, shines a beautiful light on why we call this podcast, Love’s Everyday Radius. As a result of doing the Process, love’s extension and enlargement into the world can be unlimited in possibility and scope. Jeff’s story is one vivid example of this.

In his early forties, Jeff experienced what he calls a ‘starburst of awakening.’ He couldn’t satisfy his hunger for books, podcasts, retreats – anything he could find – on spirituality and awakening. He followed every impulse within him as made this spiritual journey. The Hoffman Process was one stop on this journey. But it was more than that, too. The Process was a catalyst that would launch Jeff into the new direction his life was asking him to take.

Jeff wondered why we aren’t taught to live filled with love, self-awareness, and a sense of purpose. Eventually, he created a new way to educate, one filled with spirituality, love, and purpose. Listen in as Jeff recounts his journey with Sharon in this remarkable episode of Love’s Everyday Radius.

More About Jeff Snipes:

Jeff is most passionate about the intersection of spirituality and education. He believes the current system of education has abandoned what’s needed most: cultivating the inner life of students. So together with a truly inspired group of educators, he serves as the Founder & Chairman of, a non-profit lab school and teaching institute advancing conscious well-being.

Jeff Snipes with his dog Whiskey
Jeff and Whiskey

In a previous life, Jeff spent 20 years in corporate leadership development. He served as the CEO of Ninth House and Co-Founder of PDI Ninth House (now Korn Ferry Organizational Consulting), the largest leadership assessment, consulting, and development business in the US. Over the years, he has been grateful to learn from many others who knew what they were doing. These include the boards of Mindful Schools, The Fetzer Institute, Challenge Success, the Learning for Well-Being Foundation, the Collaborative for Spirituality in Education, Education Superhighway, The Tugboat Institute,, and Marin Montessori School.

Along the way, he told bedtime stories, helped with homework, and sat in countless bleachers, doing his best to assist his indefatigable wife in raising three amazing young adults. Most mornings today, he’s likely to be found recovering by wandering among the redwoods on Mt. Tam, only slightly lost, and chasing after their dog Whiskey.

You can learn more about Jeff on LinkedIn.

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