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Bob Africa Too Fast AfricaIn his youth, Bobby Africa, business mentor and ultra-endurance athlete, earned his nickname “Too Fast Africa” racing motocross for Kawasaki. Ironically, and perfectly, it was Regina‘s (his Process teacher) loving invitation to, “Slow it down, Bobby” that opened the door, even wider, to the healing that took place during his Process.

In the first few days of his Process, Bobby (Bob’s childhood nickname) began to feel safe and content. He realized he didn’t have to be anything or anyone but simply himself. It was in this safety that he began to slow things down, feel his feelings, and dig into this profound healing work. Bobby courageously and vulnerably began to shine a bit of light into what was and what is in his words, “very dark.” As he shares his story, you can hear, feel, and sense the profound Light within him that he re-discovered through the work of the Process.

Bobby goes on to share with us how in his post-Process life he is using the Process tools to heal trauma and the associated patterns. Some of the deep understanding he came to realize at the Process – safety, loveable exactly as he is, and deep contentment – now support him as he heals even more within himself.

Content warning: This conversation mentions violence and sexual abuse, and while not explicit in nature, may not be suitable for all audiences.”

More about Bobby Africa:

Bob Africa Too Fast AfricaBobby Africa has been moving fast most of his life. Born in Pennsylvania as the youngest of three, he spent most of his time outside or playing competitive ice hockey, soccer, and racing motocross. His love for the outdoors took him to Colorado, where he earned degrees in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Planning to attend medical school, Bobby deferred to travel the world for a year, spending nine months climbing, surfing, and working as a mountain guide in Africa and another three months in Europe. While in Europe, he visited Salomon, a company he was product testing for, and, as they say, the rest is history. He moved to France to work for Salomon and race professionally as a mountain athlete finding himself on a new path combining his love for playing in the mountains, product creation, and business. Bobby went on to hold key positions and lead companies such as Pearl Izumi, Kidrobot, Roofnest, and PopSockets. While at PopSockets, he was instrumental in their extraordinary growth from a small garage operation to the second fastest-growing company in the country in 2018. After leaving PopSockets in 2020, he had his “kitchen coffee moment” that ultimately led him to the Hoffman Process.

Bobby continues leading businesses, mentoring leaders, and fostering authentic connections through TFA (TooFastAfrica) Strategy Partners. In addition, he co-founded Suffer Better, a Colorado-based nonprofit offering the endurance athlete community opportunities to preserve and protect their natural environment and support local communities. Most importantly, he continues to play in the mountains and be a dad to his daughter Sophia.

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Bobby and other Process graduates talk often about how safe they felt at Hoffman Process. Safety in healing work is absolutely necessary. Often, people haven’t ever really felt safe in their lives. Read more about psychological safety here…

A quote from Bobby about the contentment he found…
“Contentment is a practice. It’s not a feeling of accomplishment from doing something. Contentment is just being complete in the moment. In the moment there is just presence, no future, no past – just happy to be here, in the moment. Contentment is an attitude of the soul.” ~ Ram Dass