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Natalie Lumpkin Hoffman PodcastNatalie Lumpkin, the creative force behind Finding You, a gathering dedicated to Anti-Oppression work for Black Women, completed the Hoffman Process in early 2020.

Content warning: This episode does contain a discussion of racial violence and the use of the N-word and may not be suitable for all audiences.

After experiencing betrayal and doing the work to heal this betrayal, she came to the Process to understand the patterns of her relationships. Indeed, Natalie was serious about change.

On day one of the Process, Natalie felt the deep and painful experience of entering an unknown group and seeing, after scanning, that she was the only Black person there. Even though she was part of a group of people doing their deep work together, as the only Black person present, Natalie immediately knew she would be doing her personal work alone in a way she was all too familiar with.

Then, on the second day after doing her morning check-in, she heard a powerful message. “I am carrying the weight of my ancestors and it’s embedded in my bones. This is deeper than just your parents.” She drew a visual picture of the message (see below). After sharing this message with her teacher, Natalie followed their guidance to focus on the parental patterns. Upon completing the Process, she came away with a new sense of who she truly is. Natalie then began the journey of healing the patterns of her ancestors.

After her Hoffman work and the events of 2020, Natalie’s work in the world deepened. She honed her ability to create and hold gatherings for Black women to awaken, heal, and see their conditioning. This work is the most important way she can use her voice and the most powerful work she can do.

More about Natalie Lumpkin:

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Natalie worked for some of the most iconic brands of our generation. Natalie uses her life and career experience to inform the arc of her program, Finding You.  She creates a space for Black Women to explore the ways we are prepared for racial oppression, and uncover survival tactics learned early in life. They spend time identifying social narratives, orientating their internalized conditioned biases, and naming invisible generational traumas carried and passed forward in their lives.

With a foundation in various wellness modalities and continuous education, Natalie equips attendees with valuable tools for regaining balance and a sense of their truth when they complete this deep work and re-enter the ongoing systems of oppression. Gatherings are held a few times per year. Participants are curated through an interactive registration process.  Groups are kept small so attendees are safely able to create new ways of seeing themselves and seeing each other. The objective of Finding You is to create a safe space for internal reflection, group connection, and deep awakening that allows Black women to take their intended shape, and share their unique gifts in the world. We collectively heal our past while simultaneously establishing a legacy for future generations by identifying and deprogramming the effects of conditioned oppression.

Natalie lives in the Seattle area. When she’s not working one one-on-one with clients in her coaching practice The Art of Whole Being, or guiding small groups of women through Finding You, she’s most likely traveling, spending time with family or friends. She enjoys the natural beauty of her surroundings, writing, and making pottery in one of her local art studios.

Discover more: Natalie on Instagram, Btrayed on Instagram, The Art of Whole Being on Instagram, and Finding You on Instagram.

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Artful Belonging
Natalie’s mission at Artful Belonging is “to strengthen the sense of belonging we have to each other and to ourselves through the creation of safe spaces for honest conversations about our collective Black experience, which includes celebrating the beauty of our culture. Through the study and creation of art, we instill a deeper sense of self that results in true belonging for Black youth.”