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Britt Lightning Brittany Denaro by Joe SchaefferBritt Lightning, the lead guitarist for the all-female, Platinum-selling, 80’s rock band Vixen, is our guest this week on the Hoffman Podcast. Listen in as Britt regales us with stories of how the guitar and playing music came to be her life’s work. Her journey to playing guitar was supported by many, including her parents, and spotlights many synchronistic moments. In wonderfully uplifting ways, her story highlights how when we follow our inner calling, we find that the Universe is indeed conspiring on our behalf.

Britt came to the Hoffman Process because she was feeling creatively stifled and felt a sense of stuckness in her life. She heard herself thinking, “This can’t be it” about her life.  And even though she’d been on stage for years, Britt still wasn’t comfortable expressing herself with her voice. As she tells Liz, expressing herself through music has always been easier than through words. At the end of her Process after doing all of the cathartic expressive work, Britt shares how her voice finally broke through in a wholly authentic way. This capped off her Process journey and carried her forward into her life post-Process. A few days later, directly following the Process, Britt and her band played on stage. She shares how she stood on stage with complete self-confidence and ease. A few days later, Britt found her creativity renewed and flowing in powerful ways.

Finding her Spiritual Self in the Process is something that now guides Britt in her life. Her image of her Spiritual Self is a beautiful being, goddess-like, dressed all in white. Now when Britt is faced with life choices, she thinks of her Spiritual Self’s goodness and makes her choices accordingly. She chooses not to do things that she cannot envision her Spiritual Self doing.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful conversation with Britt and Liz. Our creativity is a vital aspect of living joyful lives. And as Britt shares, it’s all within you.

More about Britt Lightning:

Britt Lightening Brittany DenaroBritt Lightning is the lead guitarist for the all-female Platinum-selling 80’s rock band Vixen. She is also the Musical Director at Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp. During COVID Britt hosted and helped to produce over 160 online Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp masterclasses with legendary artists including Roger Daltrey (The Who), Alice Cooper, Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), and more.

From 2015 to 2016, Britt played guitar for Rachel Platten, performing live at festivals and on national TV shows promoting the single “Fight Song”, which charted at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Britt performed live on Good Morning America, the Today Show, Live with Kelly and Michael, VH1, the Teen Choice Awards, and Nickelodeon. She also performed on the 2016 finale of America’s Got Talent, which took place at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall. Britt also performed on Live with Kelly and Michael with Jason Derulo to promote his new album “Tattoos”.

Britt Lightning Hoffman PodcastFrom 2012-2015 Britt performed for 22-time Grammy Award-winning artist Alejandro Sanz in his stadium-level world tour. She is featured in Sanz’s “La Musica No Se Toca – En Vivo” CD/DVD. Britt joined Sanz at the 2013 Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas performing the single “No Me Compares”, and performed with the band at prestigious festivals, venues, and international TV specials. Britt recorded “Live At The Roxy”, a live CD/DVD with Alejandra Guzman, an iconic Latin artist who has sold over 30 million records.

Labeled the “Closer” by Lady Gaga, Britt has followed her dreams by striving to grow and evolve as a musician while simultaneously earning a degree in Music Business from Northeastern University. She graduated Summa Cum Laude. Britt continued her education at the Berklee School of Music. She also has experience working in the music industry with Live Nation and Universal Music Group.

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