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Chris Sansone Hoffman PodcastBeloved Hoffman teacher and coach, Chris Sansone, completed the Hoffman Process in November 2013. Chris came to the Process feeling challenged in every area of his life, except for his good health. After doing deep work in the Process, Chris experienced a profound simplicity in how he healed his past and forgave his parents.

Before Hoffman, Chris was in commercial real estate. He was well-educated and highly qualified and experienced great financial success. But, he wasn’t happy. As Chris thought about his career moving forward, he remembered the calling he felt when he first started working – helping guide people through transformational growth in some way. Once he landed at the Process, he felt that call again and answered by applying to become a Hoffman teacher.

Now, Chris lives connecting to the frequency of his Soul. He shares that we each have a longing that can feel like melancholy, loneliness, and even wistfulness. As he says, we must attune to our Soul by attuning to this longing. By doing so, we learn to follow the call of our Soul. Listen in and hear how Chris connects with this longing and to a poem he wrote while in deep contemplation with his Soul.

More about Chris Sansone:

As a Hoffman teacher, Chris says, “To serve and see others open up to who they truly are is a remarkable experience. Students reach inside and find answers within themselves for living fully and authentically.”

As for his own Process experience, Chris shares: “I unearthed two gifts – knowing that my own happiness truly is a personal choice, and deep forgiveness for both my parents and, of myself. These have opened me to loving and living as I had only previously imagined possible.” He adds, “Years ago I had a personal awakening about my role, as a highly advantaged cis-gendered white male in racial and gender inequities. That has broadened my own sense of responsibility and spawned greater personal and spiritual growth in my life.

Chris holds a doctoral degree in Human and Organization Development. He is blessed with his life partner and wife, Maria Velasco, two sons Kellen and Andrew, and stepdaughter Carina. He lives in Longmont, Colorado, where he enjoys the outdoors, especially fly fishing.

As mentioned in this episode:

*Rejuvenated Process:
Originally, Bob Hoffman did the work that happens at the Process with people in individual sessions. Then, in the early ’70s, the Process was done in a group setting for the first time, with participants meeting weekly as they did the work of the Process. A few decades later, the Process became an in-person retreat with participants coming together for eight days. In 2013, the Hoffman Process was rejuvenated into the seven-day Process it is today.

Hoffman Process Visioning:
Visioning is a powerful aspect of the work you do at the Process.
“Visioning can transform your life. Your life can expand and become more vibrant than you thought possible. You can call forth a vision for your life from your Spiritual Self – your essence.”
continue reading and download here.

CTI (Co-Active) Model of Coaching:
“Since 1992 CTI has been working with coaches and leaders around the world, helping them navigate toward stronger relationships, integral solutions, and creating meaningful impact in the world.” Read more here.

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Fielding Institute Doctoral Program:
Chris mentions the Fielding Institute where he earned his Doctorate in Human and Organization Systems. Discover more here.

“The purpose of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality inventory is to make the theory of psychological types described by C. G. Jung understandable and useful in people’s lives.” Discover more about Myers-Briggs here.

I Ching:
“The I Ching or Yi Jing … is an ancient Chinese divination text that is among the oldest of the Chinese classics.” Learn more here.