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Barbara Burke Hoffman PodcastBarbara Burke, beloved Hoffman teacher and coach, is committed to helping people reconnect to their authentic selves.

Content warning: This conversation makes reference to self-harm, eating disorders, child sexual abuse, and contains explicit language, and may not be suitable for all audiences.

Barbara took the Process in 1996. She credits her work at the Process as a major contributor to rediscovering her creativity. Also an author, multimedia artist, and educator, Barbara became a Hoffman teacher in 2007. She says, “My Process changed the trajectory of my life, and I feel so privileged to witness others on this journey of a lifetime.

As so often happens with graduates’ Process journeys, the story of how Barbara came to Hoffman in the first place is a story of sibling love and care. How Barbara was able to do the Process is a story of a mother’s love.

Barbara’s sister, Sally, did the Process first. Sally’s healing led to Barbara’s own Process journey and healing, which eventually became a family healing when multiple siblings and spouses found their way to the Process as well.

Listen to this beautiful story of a family’s healing that came through doing the powerful healing work of the Process.

**Barbara’s sister, Sally, has given her express permission to share her story here on the podcast.

More about Barbara Burke:

Barbara earned a BA and B-Ed from the University of Toronto. She taught for 29 years in the Toronto school system before becoming a Hoffman Process facilitator, initially for The Hoffman Institute Canada. In her lifelong pursuit of spiritual wholeness, Barbara has pursued a wide range of interests. Her experiences studying various modalities inform her current work. Her studies have included Dr. Helen Schucman’s A Course in Miracles (Temecula, CA: Foundation for Inner Peace, 1976), mindfulness meditation, energy healing, and most profoundly her work with the Hoffman Institute.

Barbara Burke I Am Divine cardsIn addition to enjoying words, she appreciates the intrinsic healing power of color. She is the author and illustrator of I Am Divine, a boxed set of 52 beautifully illustrated cards. The accompanying book of meditations expands on the affirmations from the cards. I Am Divine is now available through the Apple iTunes Store as an app that will work on the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. Barbara’s also published an inspiring 12-month journal titled, “A Year of Living Your Divinity. This unique journal includes beautiful watercolor mandalas, prose, and poetry to support each person to connect more fully to their divine essence.

Barbara’s most recent creation is a set of children’s I Am Divine Cards, which are now available for purchase. Each set contains 32 beautifully illustrated cards and an accompanying booklet with a meditation for each one. These cards are guaranteed to bring a sense of wonder, spirituality, and mindfulness into the lives of children. Barbara has created an app for the children’s edition as well.

Barbara lives in Toronto, Canada.

As Mentioned in this Episode:

A Course in Miracles
“This course can be summed up very simply in this way:

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the peace of God

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High Park, Toronto

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Family photos and the Note From Barbara’s Mother:

As Barbara shares, she supported her sister, Sally, in coming to accept there she needed healing. Sally learned about the Hoffman Process and was the first to do it in their family. Barbara’s mother paid for Barbara to attend the Process, in spite of their relationship difficulties at the time.

Barbara Burke Childhood Hoffman Podcast

This is the card Barbara’s Mother sent her. It contained payment for Barbara’s Process as well as her wishes for Barbara. Eventually, more of Barbara’s siblings and some spouses of their spouses completed the Process.

Barbara Burke Note from Mother

A Sample of Barbara’s Photography:

Barbara Burke Photography Hoffman Podcast