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Brandy Agerbeck Hoffman PodcastVisual thinker, author, and Hoffman Process grad Brandy Agerbeck shares her ideas on creativity, visual thinking, and innovative ways to get what’s rustling inside us out onto paper.

Brandy speaks with light-hearted wisdom on creativity: what it is, tools to apply in service to it, and the challenge we face from what she calls the ‘inner and outer critic.’ She’s been in touch with her creative spirit from a very young age, so she holds an approach to creativity stemming from a vast archive of lived experience.

Brandy came to the Process to unload the heavy baggage she carried from her childhood, her mother’s death, and the relationship she had with her father. As an atheist, she had no idea what to make of the idea of a spirit guide. But in the spirit of the Process, she said, “Well, this is uncomfortable. I don’t have an answer for this. So, let’s see who shows up.” This is the openness that Brandy brought to her Process and that she brings to the classes she teaches. You’ll love hearing who showed up in response to this open invitation.

If you’re looking for some great tools, powerful insights, and a generous spirit around creativity and learning to move forward with your creative ideas and dreams, pull out a piece of paper, grab a pen, and settle in for this conversation with Brandy and Liz. You’ll come away with useful, practical tools and nourishment for your Spiritual Self.

More about Brandy Agerbeck:

As a child, Brandy immersed herself in drawing for hours. Back then, she drew anything her bucking bronco of a brain could dream up, creating a safe escape between herself and the piece of paper.

Decades later, Brandy Agerbeck still delights in drawing, now as an international speaker and visual thinking pioneer. Built off her 2013 TEDx talk, Shape Your Thinking, Brandy broke down the complex and conceptual skill set into learnable pieces. Bundled together in her latest book, The Idea Shapers: The power of putting your thinking into your own hands, she teaches you visual thinking as your lifelong tool to shush your inner critic, organize your thoughts, and erase overwhelm.

Curious to learn more? Join Brandy at her monthly visual thinking Q+A, Drawing as a Verb.

Discover more about Brandy here. Follow her on Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

As mentioned in this episode:

Brandy Agerbeck Hoffman PodcastThe symbol for OTTO, Brandy’s Spirit Guide, that she had tattooed on her wrist after graduating from the Process.

Visual Thinking

Baby Butler
Read one woman’s experience with a baby butler.

Graphic Facilitation

Spatial Reasoning

Kinesthetic Learning


Inner Critic

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