Reunite with Your Classmates

Many Process classes have found value in reaffirming their Process growth through continued connection with classmates. Below are some reunion options that are available from the Hoffman Institute.

If you are planning a reunion, we ask that you designate a class representative to communicate with us.

Reunion Basics

Reunions with your classmates can take various forms. Some reunions are celebration-oriented and social; others are tools-oriented, geared toward personal growth.

Some classes have coordinated and hosted in-person reunions. Over the years various graduates tell us they gathered for half-day, full-day, and weekend reunions; other classes make annual treks to one of our graduate courses (Q2 Graduate Intensive or Refreshers). Other types of reunions are via phone or Zoom, or a series of calls.

Below you will find what is currently available to you and your classmates; hopefully something will fit your vision!

Teacher-Led Reunions

Teacher-Led Virtual Reunions

This is a good option for classes that want steady support alongside their classmates. If your class would like to begin with three, once-a-month virtual reunions – with an option to sign up for more – have your class coordinator contact us for details. A $900 USD fee is required to schedule the first three sessions.

In-Person Reunions
If your class would like to request a teacher to lead an in-person reunion, please have your class coordinator contact our enrollment department. Teachers are scheduled through the Hoffman office, and our enrollment department will provide you with current fees and expenses.

Our Hoffman reunion programs take place within a 7-hour day. Wherever you wish to hold your reunion, it’s a good idea to place your request for a teacher at least 3 months in advance of your intended date. Please contact the enrollment department for a current listing of fees, and to make reservations.

Reunions at the Q2 Intensive and Other Programs
Some graduates attend programs together on an annual basis. This is a wonderful way to continue to do your personal work, and deepen your bonds with classmates at the same time.

Take a look at our graduate calendar to select a date and location. It’s also a good idea to double check with our office to make sure there are enough spaces for all your classmates who say they want to attend.

Hoffman Community & Groups

Many graduates find that being with others in a like-minded Hoffman community provides them with the support to work with their tools and to share and deepen their Process experiences.

The Hoffman Institute offers graduate groups in various communities around the country, and each one is led by a Hoffman-trained graduate facilitator, with materials and programs provided by the Institute. Hoffman graduate reunions are generally for graduates of a particular class who want to reconnect with each other and do some Process work with tools and practices.

Whether you plan to gather with others from your Process for a reunion or see what a facilitated graduate group is like, these links will help you explore the importance of community and connection.

Graduate Groups – Check out the Graduate Groups list if you want to meet other graduates in your area and practice your Hoffman tools with others. If you don’t find a group in your area, please contact us to inquire about creating one.

Please join us on social media for a broader experience – get course info, inspiring quotes, and connection to the Hoffman community on Hoffman’s Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram accounts.

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