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Dorothy Holden

Dorothy Holden is a Registered Clinical Counselor with a therapy practice that specializes in helping people navigate transitions and find meaning in their lives. She strives to support each person on their unique journey toward self-awareness and personal fulfillment.

“I love teaching the Hoffman Process and other Hoffman programs. This work provides each person with a deeper understanding of themselves and the tools and practices to live life fully. The Hoffman vision is creating world peace, one person at a time.

Dorothy has worked with hundreds of Olympic and national athletes in Canada to transition from sport and personal/career planning. She also currently volunteers as a counselor and support group facilitator for an integrative cancer care agency.

Dorothy has an MSc in Counseling Psychology (University of Calgary), a BEd (Dalhousie University), and a BA in Psychology (McGill University). She lives in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia.

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