“How Hoffman Changed My Life”

Monica Kumar

“When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.” – Paulo Coelho.

And so it was with the Hoffman Process. In just 8 days I became the person I always wished I could be. A kinder, graceful, wiser, and more compassionate, me. Until I did the process I would only glimpse my spiritual self on special occasions and I would hopelessly wonder why I wasn’t ‘that’ person all the time. Even though that open-hearted way of living felt the most natural and authentic, I would quickly revert back to my less loving, often judgmental, and always fearful, self. Despite my best intentions, It felt like I was hitting a brick wall every time.

The Hoffman Process did far more for me than change my life. It gave me the power to change my own life. The Process helped me to understand what it meant to take real responsibility for my choices, and it revealed to me the deep joy and peace that comes from true forgiveness. One of the many tangible gifts I took from the process was the understanding that creativity and art could be practiced by anyone – including someone as hopelessly non-artistic as myself. Our new home has an entire wall of idea paint and chalkboard paint – a dedicated family space for self expression.

Maddie B.

Hoffman gave me the clarity and the courage to make exotic decisions in the pursuit of my bliss. Two months after the Process, I heard the voice of my spiritual self. She told me to be the person I always knew I was – vivacious, loving, strong, and free. I listened.

I left my hometown and moved across the world to be with the Argentine man that I’d fallen in love with while studying abroad. I have created a life full of passionate adventures, faith, newfound family … and really delicious wine. From Mendoza, Argentina, I am sending you all light and many, many thanks for introducing me to myself.

Rosie Rey

Actually, Hoffman saved and then changed my life. Upon completing the eight-day Quadrinity Process at the oh so nurturing White Sulphur Springs in California on October 19, 2007, I noticed the universe’s energy was much more loving and giving. I was no longer the self-defeating person I had unintentionally become in order to survive, and was now allowing myself to chase and catch dreams. Since the completion of the Process, I have fallen in love, I have better health, I have traveled, I have married, I have meaningful and full relationships, I have purchased a home, I returned to school and earned my Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology with the dream of becoming a licensed therapist and someday becoming a Hoffman teacher.

I have been busy and successful, but also accept my defeats without judgement and without the fear of trying again. In fact, the Process has changed my life in a much more meaningful way by inspiring and healing three of my nine family members, and by granting two of those three family members partial scholarships. My family is quickly healing together and the words “I love you” are now heard and felt on a daily basis.

Nate Brooks

During the Hoffman Process, my teacher Jane and the participants in my small group suggested I travel, learn yoga, and take a cruise with my family. This is our family two years later on the Great Wall of China. My wife is now a Hoffman graduate, I’m a yogi, and we’ve cruised the Pacific spending four months in Bali learning to surf and sharing the Love & Light. Thank you, Hoffman, for inspiring our family and illuminating the path of CHANGE!

Tim Mulholland

In September, 2000, I was given the opportunity to change my life by some people who believed in me and who let me attend the Hoffman Process. If you’ve been through the Hoffman Process, you’ll understand this – it’s difficult to describe the Hoffman Process, but the results are amazing! There are many other programs about which I’ve heard that claim to be similar. I can’t vouch for them. But, I can say that in the Hoffman Process you’ll work your butt off, face your deepest fears and issues, and come out a new, wonderful person.

Steve Granville

How has the Process changed my life? My metaphor for life was a planet moving in orbit. I approached my Process desperately hoping that I could change the complexion of my planet. It turns out I moved my planet into a different orbit. Before my connection with Hoffman I couldn’t accept that transformation and healing was available or possible. In fact, I was so wounded, I was hostile to the idea. Post-Process: I now facilitate insight, accountability & transformation with currently incarcerated ‘lifers’ in the CA prison system and co-produced a TEDx event at San Quentin, the theme of which is Transformation From Within. Without Hoffman, I would still be on the outside of life looking longingly in.

Cindy Bush

I attended the Process in November 2009 at Racebrook. My husband had passed away in August and I was having a hard time getting past the anger at his passing. A health professional suggested the Hoffman Process, and I will be forever grateful. My teacher, Sudas Buckley (Ginger), immediately made the connection to my father abandoning me at birth. Through the work of the Process, I was able to forgive my father and move on. For many years I was anxious to find out about him. After many dead-end roads, I hired a private investigator in 2011. He found my family, and I have 5 half-siblings whom I have connected with. Without the work I did at Hoffman I would not have these wonderful, accepting people in my life. I am the one in the middle in the photo.

Gwen Plano

Thank you Hoffman – I remarried, retired, and moved to the beautiful Ozark Mountains where I celebrate life!

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