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jason-aeric huenecke podcastJason-Aeric Huenecke is our guest this week. He did the Hoffman Process in July of 2005 and tells us the remarkable, profound, and lasting effect on him. He shares that through his work as a Homeopathic Practitioner and Spiritual Director, the effect of the Process has ‘cascaded like nectar‘ to the world around him and continues to ‘nourish’ the people he works with.

As a result of doing the Process, Jason-Aeric now has a joy for living and the courage to be himself. This wasn’t always the case. Jason-Aeric shares that he was not a typical child but was misunderstood and feared by his peers. He was verbally and physically assaulted at school. As he grew older, he began to try to understand why these things were happening to him, why he was caught in this cycle. He explored this through the lens of his religious upbringing as well as Tibetan Buddhism. Eventually, someone told him about the Hoffman Process.

Jason-Aeric shares that in his work as the co-founder of his Classical Homeopathy training program, he and his fellow co-founder say, “The first remedy is love.


Jason-Aeric is a thriving Classical Homeopathic Practitioner and Astrologer who works with a sense of curiosity, wonder, and gratitude for the cosmos. His mastery of two different and profound healing arts was possible because he began studying at a very early age. Mystically inclined as a child, he loved nature, art, and creative play. He read everything he could find regarding mythology, world religions, and a variety of spiritual traditions. The concept of the Field, the Vital Force of the cosmos, and the interconnectivity of all beings and the cosmos absolutely thrilled him.

In March 2021, Jason-Aeric co-founded the Prometheus Homeopathic Institute, a Classical Homeopathy training program. He is the Lead Faculty for their training program based on the Spiral Learning Theory, Growth Mindset, and the healing power of the Life Force. In addition, Jason-Aeric is also the Principal Investigator in The Field Provings. He works with an international team researching substances that are prepared as homeopathic medicines to heal the sick.

Jason-Aeric is a Hoffman Institute Graduate Group leader for the Twin Cities in Minnesota. He lives and works in Stillwater, Minnesota.

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