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Jon Hurry Hoffman Podcast

Meet Jon Hurry. Jon’s story is moving. His story of recovery and healing is captivating. His willingness to be vulnerable is inspiring.

Jon’s story is one of loss and heartache, but also perseverance and resiliency. He admits he has had a lot of loss but he also reminds us that his life is a normal one, too – a different normal. Jon’s desired outcome from the Process was to trust in his wife’s love for him. During his Process, Jon came to see he is, indeed, loveable, and in seeing this he finally felt trust in his wife’s love for him.

Jon had already done a great deal of work to heal the pain of his past and the habits he’d acquired to deal with that pain when he arrived at the Hoffman Process. After the Process, he now says, “Rehab was a necessity. EMDR was phenomenal. Hoffman’s [Process] is definitely the cherry on top. It really helped me to build up my confidence and see the good that I’ve done and the good things in my life.”

Both Jon and his wife have done the Process. A few months after Jon’s Process, they participated in the Hoffman Couple’s Retreat.


Jon Hurry is a father, husband, son, brother, and friend to many. He’s the founder of Propitious Technologies, BizBoxes, and Vice-President of Strategic Partnerships at Linear Labs.  Jon has spent twenty-five years as a strategic thinker and problem solver primarily in the automotive field. Jon is currently focused on building global relationships within the automotive industry. He’s helping to bring disruptive electric motor/generator/actuator technologies to the market to reduce the carbon footprint.

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